Buy 'Pokemon Black' or 'White' at Launch, Receive Legendary Victini

Buy Pokemon Black or White at Launch and Get Victini

In a little over a month gamers will finally be able to lace up their running shoes and dash into the world of Pokemon Black and White. North Americans have been waiting nearly half a year for these games, while Nintendo has already released and sold over 5 million copies of the game in Japan. Thankfully, Nintendo doesn't want its fans to feel like they've gone months without for nothing, and they've decided to not only include some seriously cool Pokemon, but also a legendary surprise for everyone who purchases at least one of the games at launch.

The surprise in question is none other than the legendary Pokemon Victini, and it is the very first Pokemon that has ever been both a Psychic and a Fire-type. Victini has been given the nickname the "Victory Pokemon", and has a new and exclusive ability called "Victory Star". This special ability increases the accuracy of not only Victini, but every other Pokemon that the player has on the field.Victini can not be found through regular play, so this is the one chance trainers are going to have to secure the adorable legendary.

How can one go about ensuring they receive Victini? Easy! Simply purchase Pokemon Black or White after its launch but before April 10 and connect to a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which means you'll need wireless internet or a friend who has wireless internet that you can mooch off of.

From that point, it's as easy as downloading the Liberty Pass to your Pokemon Black or Pokemon White game, and then setting off on an adventure to capture the legendary Pokemon. If that doesn't work then hacking will undoubtedly become an option, but real trainers know they should work hard and earn their Pokemon.

Nintendo is obviously looking to get fans of Pokemon to buy their new games at launch, and while throwing in exclusive characters for early adopters is nice, odds are people were going to buy every last copy of this game anyway. The generosity is still appreciated, Nintendo, so we thank you.

Are you excited about this offer? Does this freebie make the latest Pokemon game a day-one purchase for you?

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White will launch for the Nintendo DS on March 6.

Source: Nintendo

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