'Pokemon Black' and 'White' Global Link Update Delayed

Pokemon Black and White Dream World and Battle Union

Pokémon Black and White have been out for a few weeks now, but one feature that has yet to release is the Global Link. This feature was set to bring two brand new features, the Pokémon Dream World and Global Battle Union, to Pokémon Black and White on March 30th. However, a recent update on the official Pokémon Global Link website has confirmed that the launch of these features will receive a delay.

The delay in question is a result of the devastating earthquake that recently hit Japan. The good news is that nobody at Game Freak or Nintendo was injured during the quake, but Japan is still trying to conserve energy which is why the GL has been post-poned. The latest Pokémon content isn't the only video game-related paraphernalia that the earthquake has delayed, with games like Motorstorm Apocalypse being pushed back and even Marvel vs. Capcom 3's DLC briefly delayed.

The official statement from the Pokémon Global Link:

“The Pokémon Global Link was scheduled to launch on March 30, 2011. As a result of the earthquake in Japan and the need to conserve energy resources, the launch date has been temporarily delayed. When a new launch date is determined, it will be published here on the Pokémon Global Link. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused by this delay.”

The launch date for the Pokémon Global Link may still be undetermined, but the site does promise that it will release later this Spring. In the meantime, Nintendo will launch the Nintendo 3DS later this week which should keep gamers more than pre-occupied in the absence of the new fun-filled feature. Pokémon Black and White are also quite capable of providing hours of entertainment without the Global Link, so it's not a massive concern for everyone currently enjoying the titles.

The Pokémon Global Link has likely not been pushed back too far, but keep reading Game Rant for any news on the update's eventual release.

Are you bummed that the Pokémon Global Link has been delayed?

Source: Pokémon Global Link

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