More Pokemon Black and White Footage from Pokemon Sunday

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"Hey," you might be saying, "I haven't seen new Pokemon Black and Pokemon White footage in over 12 hours!" Well fret not, for Nintendo has heard your anguished cries and has once again delivered more new footage of their brand new, monochromatic adventures into the world of Pokemon. You may remember the new trailer we featured yesterday, as well as its showcase of some of the interesting new features that will be included in these two entries to the series.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are really pushing Black and White, as evidenced by the constant barrage of clips, pictures, information, updates and general hysteria surrounding the new releases. The Pokemon formula has grown stale for many older gamers, and even the younger generation is saturated in Pokemon games, cards and TV shows. The franchise undoubtedly needs to start "evolving" (sorry) if Nintendo doesn't want gamers to lose interest in their flagship handheld title.

All this news may sound like just more of the same, but after seeing the improvements to competitive play and the interesting looking minigames, as well as the improved graphical style, this may finally be a fresh enough experience for a jaded Poke-veteran such as myself to jump back on the Poke-train.

Today we have some more footage of everyone's favorite critter collection simulator to share. First off is a clip from Nintendo's own Pokemon Sunday, where a man walks down a path and battles his Pokemon with some other Pokemon. Trust me, it's more interesting than it sounds:


You may also remember that 3-on-3 battles were announced last month. If you thought four Pokemon on the screen was chaotic, just wait until you see this craziness! Makes me miss Pokemon Stadium:


Now that you've seen a few new videos (don't worry, I'm sure there will be more before the week is up), are you getting excited for this hopefully much needed departure from the replicas we have been receiving for the past few years? Do you feel as if you have seen so much of Pokemon Black and White you don't even need to play it? Or can you just not help yourself, because it's a new Pokemon game?

Pokemon Black and White release on September 18th, 2010 in Japan, and Spring of 2011 in the US.

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