Pokemon Black and White Get Special DSi Bundles

Pokemon Black and White Get DSi Bundle

The Nintendo 3DS is set to launch in just over 4 weeks so it's a little surprising to see Nintendo unveil a new bundle package for the soon to be succeeded DSi. Alongside the release of Nintendo's long expected next entries in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, will come matching DSi consoles.

The custom DSi's come in Black and White, and will be bundled with their respective Pokemon games. The DSi's themselves will feature Black and White's legendary pokemon Zekrom and Reshirom etched into the console's casing. The bundle will retail for $179.99 which is just $5 less than the cost of purchasing a DSi and one of the new Pokemon games separately. Not exactly a great deal with the new console coming out...

Nintendo DSi and DSi XL gamers will have access to one feature that the other DS consoles will not and that's video chat. Using the games new Xtransceiver device DSi gamers will be able to enter video chat with up to 4 friends on a local wireless connection and in pairs over Nintendo Wi-Fi provided they've exchanged Friend Codes ahead of time. The other DS consoles will have access to the feature but will only be able to enter voice chat.

This bundle rounds off a host of Pokemon Black and White related special offers celebrating the release of the titles. Players can get the rare Celebi at their local GameStop from now until March 6. On launch day and until April 10, gamers who purchase Pokemon Black and White will be rewarded with the ability to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi and download a Victory Pass which will allow them to go on an adventure with the chance to catch legendary Pokemon Victini.

Pokemon Black and White and their respective DSi bundles will all be available on March 6, 2011. Nintendo's next handheld console, the 3DS, is due for release later the same month on March 27, 2011.

Are you going to be getting just the game or one of the bundles?

Oh and Magikarp is still the best Pokemon ever.

Source: Nintendo

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