Pokemon Black and White 3 Vs. 3 Battles, Japanese Release Date

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Pokemon Sunday has become notorious for announcing new details on the highly anticipated Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, and they certainly seem keen on living up to that notoriety. This past Sunday in Japan brought about another -- you guessed it --Pokemon Sunday which flashed everyone a nifty trailer that mentioned a release date, albeit a Japanese release date. Importers mark your calendars because Pokemon Black and White are set to release later this year on September 18.

You can scope out the official Japanese Pokemon Black and White release date trailer just below:


On top of the wonderful news that Japan will get the title in roughly three months, there was also another new trailer that shows off some brand new Pokemon, as well as 3-on-3 battles. This is sure to change up battle strategies immensely in the upcoming games, so I'm excited to see how they will pan out and just how often the opportunity to have a triple battle will show up in Black and White.

There is also a brand new battle option called "Shooter". Nobody knows what is does exactly, but maybe they now have Poke-sleeping darts to help horrible poachers... err wonderful trainers such as yourself.

3-on-3 action is typically found in WWE, but you can check out Pokemon's take on it after a brief intermission:


I told you it looked intense. The new Pokemon that can be seen in this trailer include a tiny mole looking Pokemon named Moguryu and what appears to be its evolved form with a giant claw on its tail named Doryuuzu. The moles know a new grass-type move called Grass Mixer, and another move called Drill Liner.

Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black and White, 5th Generation Pokemon, New Pokemon

Other Pokemon revealed in the trailer include a mantis Pokemon (move over Scyther) that goes by the name of Ononokusu, Desukan is based off of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus that has some eery ghost arms sticking out of its side, and the Pokemon teaming up with Desukan is Denchura the tarantula Pokemon (maybe the evolved form of Ariados).

Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black and White, 5th Generation Pokemon, New Pokemon

Three other Pokemon made an appearance in the trailer and they are currently unnamed, so I'm sure we'll get an update on those guys in the near future but for now the one on the right can scare the crap out of you without a name.

In other news, a new mechanic in the game has been revealed called White-High Link. The White-High Link transforms your trainer into a multiplayer avatar that will likely tie into the brand new online system in Black and White.

What do you think about Japan getting Pokemon Black and White way before North America? Are you excited for some 3-on-3 battles with your friends?

Source: Serebii

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