'Pokemon Black' and 'White' Hit 2 Million-Unit Mark in North America

Pokemon Black and White 2 Million North America Sales

It looks like Pokémon Black and White are at it again with some extremely impressive sales numbers — this time passing the 2 Million-unit mark in just two weeks. Gamers have now had some time to read the reviews (including Game Rant’s review), and, though sales are slowing down, it seems the series has renewed gamers’ interest with this overhaul.

Though Black and White haven’t struck the same chord in North America that they did in Japan (where they sold 2 Million units in just two days), this new benchmark proves that the series’ overhaul was highly anticipated.

Nintendo took to Twitter to reveal this new milestone for Black and White in North America, and the publisher could not be happier.

Promising an experience that would be at the same time familiar to Poke-fans but still something new and exciting, Black and White have delivered the evolution (no pun intended) of the series gamers wanted. By proving that the Pokémon brand is still viable, and still capable of breaking sales records across the globe, many gamers might be thinking that with a little more innovation the series could really hit some high benchmarks.

With the 3DS now out in the wild it seems like a no-brainer that the hot new tech of the moment and one of the most lucrative handheld franchises meet up, but the question is when will they? Game Rant’s own Riley Little proposed some of the forms a Pokémon title on the 3DS might take, but would that lead to increased sales numbers?

If subtle touches like re-releasing classic Pokémon iterations under a new title can still move tons of units, it stands to reason that delivering a 3D Pokémon title might bridge the gap between Pokémon’s lightning fast sales in Japan and the relatively slower, but still very impressive, sales in North America. Whether that 3D title is next on Nintendo's slate is yet to be determined, but they are well aware that gamers are looking forward to catching 'em all on their new handheld.

Did you help Pokémon Black and White reach the 2 Million mark in North America? Do you think that if the next Pokémon titles were on the 3DS it would break all previous Pokémon records?

Pokémon Black and White are out now for the Nintendo DS.

Source: Twitter

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