10 Best Grass Pokémon, Ranked

Not all Pokémon fall close to the tree. Sometimes, you find yourself looking at weird, obscure grass-type Pokémon that might not be the best fit for your team. This list ain't them. These guys are tried and true exceptions and shine (partially due to their Solar Beam attacks being so bright) against the rest. With iconic Pokémon that have grass-type to their name and meme-worthy plants, this list needed to happen.

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It's no wonder so many prominent websites love different grass babies for their mascots. So, let's take a look at the top 10 Best Grass Pokémon. Just don't cut yourself on the razor leaf as you take the tour.

10 Ludicolo

Okay, look...Ludicolo is literally only on this list because of the Detective Pikachu movie. As a whole, it's a pretty solid Water and Grass-type Pokémon in the games. But, its minor cameo in the movie as a barista is just a whole mood.

When Lotad evolves into Lombre and Lombre gets a Water Stone used on it, Ludicolo is the festive duck-thing (or a kappa in Japan) that just deserves to be around. When it comes to TMs, it learns a pretty wide array of types of moves and can be a pretty competitive fighter.

9 Sewaddle Line

Bugs aren't for everyone, but sometimes they're pretty adorable. This little leaf caterpillar leans more toward the cute side. This is just the happiest little line of leaf bugs. The middle evolution, Swadloon, keeps a grumpy, middle-child face at all times, but will evolve with high friendship.

You literally make it happy enough to stop being grumpy. Even its final form, Leavanny, is pretty cute and is based on several types of real-world bugs and uses its silk-making abilities to make clothing for itself and its offspring. If you ever find yourself deep in the PokéJungle, grab a Sewaddle while you're there.

8 Shaymin

This little Mythical Pokémon comes in two different flavors. Using a flower called Gracidea in the daytime, the hedgehog-like Shaymin will change from its land forme into its deer-like sky forme. As the "Gratitude" Pokémon, flowers are the primary focus for the land forme.

But, when it turns into sky forme, the imagery and information about it are meant to invoke the real-world idea of a guardian angel or fairy. Shaymin made its first appearance during Pokémon's 4th generation, marking a great Mythical for Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl and still a cute little thing even today.

7 Virizion

Aside from the obvious "Can you hear me now?" jokes, Virizion stands as one of the Swords of Justice. For those that don't know, they're based on the book The Three Musketeers. Virizion is based on the character Aramis, known for being vain and feminine in stature.

Alongside Cobalion that is thought to be based on Athos and Terrakion that is based on Porthos, Virizion makes up the core three members. Keldeo is the fourth member, based on the youngest member of the Musketeers, d'Artagnan. All for one and one for all!

6 Exeggutor

This guy deserves to be pretty high on the list. Exeggutor is literally just a big egg pun and joke that turns into a tree. When people say that Pokémon designs are weird in recent years, show them this derpy guy and explain that those faces aren't coconuts, they're Ex-EGG-utors.

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Sure he's designed like a short, squat palm tree, but his Alolan form takes to the skies with a super long neck due to the region. That form isn't just a grass-type. It's also a dragon-type to just really confused everyone on all sides. Who wants a tree with faces running at you with Dragon Rage? Let's just not think about it, okay?

5 Decidueye

Decidueye is one of the biggest glow ups on this list. Starting off as literally just a cute green owl Rowlet, Decidueye is the Pokémon equivalent to Robin Hood. Out of the Alolan starters, he is a fan favorite. Giving off the Green Arrow vibe, it shoots arrows as an archer.

The ghost typing is interesting and could lie in the origins of Hawaiian culture where spirits take on the form of pueo owls that look pretty similar to Decidueye. While Incineroar has that Fire/Dark typing from the same generation, Decidueye stands out as well for its grass/ghost typing.

4 Leafeon

While Leafeon may not be the best of all Eeveelutions, it definitely deserves praise as an adorable addition to a Grass-type Pokémon list. As with all Eeveelutions, it has to evolve a certain way.

Since being introduced in the generation 4 games, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Leafeon has evolved using the mossy rock. Standing near the game's particular mossy rock and evolving the Eevee will give Leafeon. In the Gen 8 games, Pokémon Sword and Shield, the method is dramatically simpler, removing the mossy rock altogether and letting it evolve via Leaf Stone!

3 Celebi

This guy is the cutest little onion fairy in all of Pokémon. To be fair, it's the only onion fairy in all of Pokémon. Celebi is a time traveler that many fans first met during the anime's fourth movie when it took Ash back in time to meet a much younger Professor Oak.

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For those that play the games, Celebi was an event Pokémon often associated with the Ilex Forest Shrine to the point the Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver added a special event scene involving the Shrine and Celebi that would take you to fight Giovanni. It's become so iconic in the real world that its Japanese name, Serebii, is often associated with large amounts of Pokémon information and news by the entire community.

2 Pumpkaboo

Some people complain that inanimate objects get turned into Pokémon too often. So, how do you take a Halloween festivity and make it a Pokémon? You make it into the adorable Pumpkaboo.

This little jack-o-lantern Pokémon is everything one would need for getting into the Halloween spirit, including its signature move, Trick-or-Treat. In fact, since Ghost-type moves are Super Effective against other ghosts, Trick-or-Treat is a real treat. It turns the opponent's typing into Ghost, where Pumpkaboo can then hit it with a more powerful Ghost move. It's really a powerful and underrated combo.

1 Bulbasaur Line

Look, this was bound to happen when talking about the best of the best in Grass-type Pokémon. So, propaganda aside, this is the best boi and, sorry, it is not even close. The Bulbasaur line is a case where a cute Pokémon gets even cuter and more powerful when it becomes Ivysaur, then finally turns into an absolute tank for defensive power when it becomes Venusaur.

Bulbasaur was arguably the obvious pick of starter Pokémon from Kanto. While we had the raw power of Charizard and the Squirtle Squad during the same games, Bulbasaur was actually good against the first two gyms in Pewter City and Cerulean City since they had rock and water types. Since grass-types were few and far between that early in the game, that made Bulbasaur an early-game star of the show.

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