One curious video game fan uses Unreal Engine 4 to stage the beginning of a battle between two different creatures from Pokemon and the results look decidedly awesome.

Ever since the first Pokemon title entered into the collective consciousness in Japan way back in 1996, fans have been continually inspired to create their own offshoots of the series’ products, with one recent example being an independent developer who made an AR game with the Microsoft Hololens that brought the RPG into the real world. Now, one of the latest fan creations has two creatures from the newest official Pokemon releases – Sun and Moon, that is – preparing to do battle within a realm supported by Unreal Engine 4, and the results are quite beautiful.

As seen in the modder and YouTuber CryZENx’s video below, Incineroar and Salazzle are preparing to duke it out between one another, but since the clip only contains a simple animation test, there won’t be an actual battle. Nevertheless, fans can imagine how wonderful such a spectacle would appear to be, as the character models reflect the graphical standards for most games on current generation consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and could be representative of the Pokemon titles coming to Nintendo Switch.

This isn’t the first time that CryZENx has given Pokemon creatures an enhanced look beyond their normal visuals. As a matter of fact, the YouTuber once put together a demo featuring Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur with an Unreal Engine 4 mod that brought each of the Pokemon to life in a way that they had never been seen before. Truthfully, the visually updated creatures’ looks were on par with the appearance of the Pocket Monsters that can be found within the Pokemon-focused fighting game Pokken Tournament.

Not only has CryZENx focused on the Pokemon franchise in the past when it comes to Unreal Engine 4 ports, but also the YouTuber has created other Nintendo icons in the game engine. For instance, one of the modder’s more popular creations spruces up The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s Gerudo Valley to fall in line with today’s contemporary graphical standards. Plus, CryZENx has even put together a makeover for the Big N’s blob-like pink hero Kirby with Unreal Engine 4, which produced realistic, if not frightening results.


Although it remains to be seen if the gaming world will ever get a Pokemon title featuring creatures that look as good as CryZENx’s mod for Sun and Moon‘s Incineroar and Salazzle, it’s obvious that the brand as a whole is still just as popular with its fan base, if not more so than it ever was. As it happens, Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s sales crossed 3.7 million its their first two weeks of availability, which set records for the franchise.

Of course, should Nintendo ever create a Pokemon title that houses battles setup in the way that CryZENx has with Inceneroar and Salazzle, it’s quite possible that gamers would shatter even more sales records in the future. Naturally, though, it remains to be seen if Pokemon fans will ever get a proper RPG-styled rendition of the games for console.

The latest releases in the Pokemon franchise are Pokemon Sun and Moon, which are available now for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.