Catch ‘Pokemon Battle Trozei’ on Nintendo 3DS

By | 3 years ago 

If there’s one thing that consumers can’t seem to get enough of, it’s Pokemon. The thrill of capturing monsters, evolving them, trading them, and becoming the best in the world is a tantalizing premise for a game, and fans of all ages the world over flock to the franchise to experience just such traits. While the wait for another core entry in the beloved series is still likely quite a long one, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have taken necessary precautions to ensure that fans aren’t Poke-deprived for too long.

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, a follow-up to the Nintendo DS puzzle game Pokemon Trozei, titled Pokemon Battle Trozei, was revealed. Judging by the gameplay trailer, the title appears to scratch a very similar itch for those that enjoyed its predecessor. Anyone that isn’t familiar with the original spin-off should know that it’s comparable to a Pocket Monster version of Tetris meets Yoshi’s Cookie, with the objective of the game being to match creatures up with corresponding beasts.

One of the major selling points about Pokemon Battle Trozei, however, is that every single known Pokemon can be found in the game and captured. This means that there will be a copious number of hours to sink into the title before it’s been 100% completed, and that’s not at all a bad deal for a download-only romp.

Pokemon Battle Trozei Trailer

Nintendo also confirmed that the eShop exclusive will be available on March 13th in Europe and March 20th in North America, and it’ll retail for a grand total $7.99 — although Europe is still sans pricing. This should be a nice distraction for fans that are heavily anticipating the eventual successor to Pokemon X and Y, or perhaps even Ruby and Sapphire remakes, and even those who aren’t head-over-heels for Pokemon will be able to enjoy a zany puzzle game.

What do you think of Pokemon Battle Trozei? Will you be downloading it?


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