Nintendo rolls out the Pokemon Bank for Pokemon Sun & Moon today, offering the special bonus of a Mewnium Z-Crystal for users who sign up for the service.

Pokemon Sun & Moon has been out for just over two months now, with most players enjoying the title thoroughly. However, fans have been disgruntled by the lack of access to the Pokemon Bank, preventing them from transferring their Pokemon from prior games to the latest entry of the series. Starting immediately, that will no longer be a problem for Pokemon fans.

Nintendo has officially revealed that the Pokemon Bank is now up and running for Pokemon Sun & Moon. This means that players will be able to transfer their Pokemon from any other compatible game in the series, including Pokemon from Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. Courtesy of an update to the Pokemon Transporter, the digitally downloaded virtual console versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow will also be able to transfer their Pokemon to Sun & Moon.

While fans will no doubt rejoice to learn that the Pokemon Bank is now available, there are still some limitations. Pokemon holding items will not be able to bring their items to Pokemon Sun & Moon. In addition, once a Pokemon is transferred, players will not be able to send them back to any previous game, including the one they originated from.

In addition, players will have to pay a $5 annual fee in order to use the Pokemon Bank. However, this is a very small price to pay, especially since Nintendo is offering a free Mewnium Z-Crystal for a limited time for signing up for the service.

pokemon bank now works with sun moon

This is hardly the first time that the Pokemon Bank has had an overdue arrival. It originally premiered late for Pokemon X & Y, after server demand forced Nintendo to push its release back. At that time, players desperately needed access to the Pokemon Bank in order to store excess Pokemon that wouldn’t fit within the storage constraints of the game they were playing.

While it took longer than some fans may have liked for the Pokemon Bank to be available in Pokemon Sun & Moon, the game itself is still alive and well. Nintendo is still holding in-game events that require participation from players all over the world, although players recently failed to meet Pokemon Sun & Moon‘s second global mission. While it remains to be seen what the next challenge will be, perhaps having an arsenal of Pokemon from the prior games will give players a helping hand.

Pokemon Sun & Moon is out now for the 3DS. The Pokemon Bank is also available now, and players can receive a Mewnium Z until October 2nd.