One thing that trainers were looking forward to before the end of December was the arrival of Pokemon Bank for the Nintendo 3DS. This app was originally suppose to release prior to the new year and was going to allow those who’d accumulated a large number of Pocket Monsters in Pokemon X and Y to store their beloved beasts. After the Nintendo Network crashed following the Holiday season, the app was delayed until an unknown date.

Now Pokemon Bank has finally arrived in across the globe, allowing wannabe Pokemon Masters to save their collection of critters to the Nintendo-created cloud in order to access them. It’s also possible to transfer Pokemon between versions utilizing PB, which eliminates the pesky need to have two 3DS portables on-hand in order for those with both copies of the game to ship monsters over.

What’s undoubtedly one of the most anticipated capabilities of Pokemon Bank however, is the companion app Poke Transporter. This service allows users to transfer their Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White, as well as Black 2 and White 2, to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on the Nintendo 3DS. This opens up the in-game world to a copious amount of previously unobtainable creatures from past iterations, and allows trainers to be reunited with their championship teams.

The app is currently available to download on the eShop for free, but there’s a catch (pun intended). As many fans are already well aware, there’s a $5 annual fee to make use of the service. Fortunately, Nintendo is offering the first month of use absolutely free to consumers for a limited time, allowing them to store and transfer Pokemon without any cost whatsoever. What’s been made less clear is what happens to the Pokemon left in storage after the subscription runs out, but some additional answers for Pokemon Bank questions should be arriving shortly.

A free Celebi can also be obtained by depositing at least one monster in Pokemon Bank, exiting the application, and then re-entering it. After being informed that Celebi now awaits, players need only boot up their copy of Pokemon X or Y, head to ‘Pokemon Link’ on the main menu, and they’ll be awarded the incredibly hard to obtain Legendary.


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