One Pokemon fan recreates Ash Ketchum’s room using the powers of Unreal Engine 4. The result is a great 3D interpretation of what his room looks like.

While fans may have to wait longer to see how Pokemon Go will work on their mobile phones, they have a much shorter time to wait to see what Ash Ketchum’s very own room would look like if it were powered by the Unreal Engine 4. A YouTuber named Jarlan Perez has done all the hard work, and recreated Ash’s room from Pokemon in the high-powered engine, including everything from the adorable Snorlax plushie to Ash’s Pokedex itself.

Epic Games’ own game engine really brings the room to life in the below fan-made video, which was developed by a fan of the Pokemon series who owned every single gameboy that was displayed in the recent Sun and Moon trailers. The video had been stagnating in production for some time, but after watch the trailers for the upcoming Pokemon titles, Jarlan was inspired to finish his work on the below video, which was wrapped up just in time for March.

This isn’t the first time fans have had a close look at what the world of Pokemon would look like in the Unreal Engine, as one YouTuber roamed through some Unreal-generated grasslands with the starter Pokemon last year.

Aside of reminding us that it looks like Ash began his adventure in your average college dorm room, it’s also apparently where Ash decides to stay after becoming a Pokemon Champion. In the above video, his badges are on display in a nice tabletop box, and his various pokeball types all have stands to keep them steady (that is, except for the ones he actually uses, which are unceremoniously thrown into a pile on the table).

Jarlan evidently took some creative liberties with the room, and even added what he believes Pokedex software would look like on the laptop screen. He also decided to use Red’s hat style for Ash’s cap, a style which Ash eventually wears himself later on in the series. He estimated that the finished video took about four days of work to complete from start to finish.

It seems fans everywhere have a penchant for recreating Nintendo properties via the Unreal Engine. Within the last year, both Super Mario Sunshine and The Legend of Zelda received the same treatment, although neither managed to be nearly as terrifying as Kirby with enhanced graphics.

What do you think about the recreation of Ash’s room, Ranters?

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