The most important part of any video is the community behind it. In the case of older games and titles that support mods, fans have been able to breath new life into many of our favorites.

And it’s not always with regards to the game itself. We’ve collected four recent examples of fans expressing themselves through art and creativity, giving fans a little something cool for four very important video game franchises: Pokemon, BioShock, Mega Man and Halo.

Our first example blends one of our favorite brands of toys (LEGO) with a franchise that’s launching one of our most anticipated games of the year (BioShock Infinite). This sweet Big Daddy custom design comes from Pate-keetongu, someone who admittedly isn’t a gamer, but still was able to nail the details of BioShock’s most iconic character.

Gotta catch ’em all! Pixelated Cowboy has completed pixelating every first generation Pokemon character, all 151, and you can check out the art work below. We’d love to play an 8-bit Pokemon sidescroller with these. Someone make that happen.

For loyal Poke-vetarans, the artist will be selling a limited amount of prints soon, so keep an eye on it. Game Rant’s Riley Little has already bookmarked the site.

Mega Man fans, we’re sorry we don’t have news on a new game, but we do have some awesome miniature figures to showcase, sculpted in Cold Porcelain by the incredibly talented Ricardo, who’s posted a ton of images of his work on Flickr.

I love Knight Man and Junk Man!

Mega Man Clay Action Figures

The final piece of our collection of creative awesomeness comes from Evan Travelstead who shared a unique piece of art based on Halo 4 version of series protagonist Master Chief. It’s created entirely using typography.

Halo 4 Master Chief Typography

All of the above comes from the last few weeks and we’ve seen similar feats ever since the beginning of Game Rant in 2009. Share with us some cool video game creations (outside of the game) that caught your attention.

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