Pokemon TV Series Sending Ash Back to Classic Region

Ash returns to Hoenn

The Pokemon TV series has been hugely successful in its own right. Despite being an extra marketing tool in the Pokemon franchise, it has delivered compelling stories through its lead character Ash. It seems only right that 22 years on from its inception that Ash should return to familiar territory, and it looks like Ash will be returning to Hoenn this season as well as exploring the new Galar region.

Pokemon: Indigo League aired on television in 1997 and much like the games, it focused on catching, training, and of course battling Pokémon. While Pokémon Sword and Shield received criticism for new areas and missing Pokémon, the 23rd season has built on the tried and tested formula of previous seasons while adding new features. Balancing what brought viewers in with modernization has made the current series a hit with both fans and critics, and the return to Hoenn looks to continue this approach.

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Episode 7 of Pokemon: The Series teases the Hoenn region, and it is titled "Fierce Fight in the Hoenn Region! Challenging the Battle Frontier!!" This isn't the official English title yet, as the English version of this season is yet to be released. Still, the title certainly suggests that Ash will return to Hoenn and it also makes sense within the story.

Romantic interest Serena has been suggested to be in the Hoenn region and this episode could set up a reunion with Ash. Although this would be quite sudden, it would be a smart way to tie in the return to the region with the story of the previous season X and Y. Whatever the reason is for the return, fans will be happy to see Ash in familiar territory. Ash fulfilled his dreams by winning the Pokemon League after 22 years, so having a romantic reunion would likely be the icing on the cake for fans.

The Pokemon franchise looks as strong as ever, with the new series covering new ground ironically by going back to previous regions. The most recent games Sword and Shield have broken sales records and this new television series seems to be capitalizing on this success. Unfortunately, fans have to wait for an English release. However, if its reception in Japan is anything to go by, the new season of the Pokemon anime looks like it will be a hit.

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