A news release reveals that Drew Barrymore will be hosting a Pokemon Afternoon Soiree to celebrate the game’s anniversary and to show off a new line of Pokemon fashion.

In honor of Pokemon‘s 20th anniversary, the next few days are going to be packed with Pokemon events and celebrations. One new event has been announced, which will focus upon Pokemon‘s entry into the world of lifestyle fashion.

Pokemon Day is being celebrated on February 27th, and with it, there’s a big party planned. However, it’s a bit unusual; the invitation-only soiree is being held in the Hollywood Hills of California, hosted by actress Drew Barrymore. According to an official press release, the party is being thrown to commemorate the new lifestyle line of unisex clothing, home decor, and accessories based off of Pokemon.

Unfortunately, the event isn’t open to the public, and it doesn’t look like there’s any way for the average Pokemon fan to acquire an invitation. However, a good deal of people are expected to attend, including stylists, social media stars, and bloggers. They also won’t be going home empty handed, as the event promises to provide guests with a bag of special Pokemon goodies, and even Pokemon-themed nail art.

pokemon 20th anniversary logo pikachu

While the premise of a party revolving around a Pokemon fashion line may seem a little strange, it coincides with The Pokemon Company’s attempt to branch out into merchandise aimed at adults. The Pokemon Center store already features a great number of stylized and fashion-forward designs that are suitable for adults, and the Pokemon pop-up shop in Los Angeles is also said to be selling high-fashion Pokemon garb. Of course, plenty of colorful and youth-centric designs are still being produced, but since those who grew up with Pokemon are now adults, it only makes sense to offer products that are suitable for older fans, too.

Fans of Pokemon are no doubt experiencing a Pokemon Renaissance of sorts, with many events and releases happening just around the corner. A brand new Pokemon has been revealed, Nintendo is holding a Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct on Friday, and rumors are flying that there might be a new game called Pokemon Sun and Moon on the way. Further out on the horizon, Pokken Tournament and Pokemon GO are slated for release this year, and GameStop will be giving away mythical Pokemon every month for the remainder of the year.

2016 is arguably the year of Pokemon, and it doesn’t look like Nintendo or The Pokemon Company show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. It remains to be seen what will come from this Pokemon party, but given that many of the guests have a strong presence on social media, we can probably expect to see some images of the future designs of Pokemon merchandise online soon.

Source: PR News Wire