'Pokedex 3D' is the First Pokemon Game on 3DS; Free to Play

Pokedex 3D is the First Pokemon Game on the Nintendo 3DS

Fans having been waiting quite some time for news on the first Pokemon game coming to the Nintendo 3DS, and now we finally know when and how we'll be able to get our hands on it.

No, it's not the rumored port of XD Gale of Darkness that popped up a few weeks ago. Pokedex 3D is the game in question and it is exactly what the name implies — a Pokedex in 3D.

Pokedex 3D has been confirmed as one of the launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS' eShop, and it will sell for a whopping total of zero dollars and zero cents. That's right, you'll be able to receive both Pokedex 3D and Excite Bike 3D for free after the eShop launches. This seems like another great little freebie for those who have sunk $250 into their new handheld - but what exactly does it do?

Well, the free 3DSWare title contains over 150 of the more recent Pocket Monsters found in Pokemon Black and White, but there's a lot more to it than just scrolling through a Pokedex. Trainers will be able to view their Pokemon in full 3D - as well as rotate the camera 360º to see every 3D aspect of the Pokemon. Players will also be able to check which levels allow their Pokemon to learn moves and evolve. The background can also be changed to give each individual's Pokedex a custom feel.

If you want to see Pokedex 3D in action then check out the screens below. Game Rant doesn't support 3D, so you'll only be able to view these in boring 2D. Our apologies.

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Trainers will start off in Pokedex 3D with 16 different monsters, and can collect more by either scanning QR codes, exchanging Pokemon using the StreetPass feature, or use SpotPass to receive a maximum of three random Pokemon a day. The game will also be making use of the 3DS' augmented reality option, which will allow Poke-enthusists to seemingly bring Pokemon to life on their coffee table.

Pokedex 3D is certainly a nice surprise that any fans of the franchise are sure to appreciate - if they own a 3DS, but what's even more exciting is knowing that this is only the beginning of Pokemon in 3D. The title appears more like a test-run for Nintendo than anything else, and the graphics in Pokedex 3D seem like a good point of reference for the next full game - once Nintendo gets around to announcing/releasing it.

Pokedex 3D will be available for free exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS when the eShop launches on June 6th.

Will you be downloading Pokedex 3D?


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Source: Nintendo World Report

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