10 Plot Holes In Skyrim That Were Never Explained

No one can deny the fact that Skyrim is an incredibly well-made game. The sheer detail and work that went into making it the iconic game that Bethesda wanted people to play for a decade is immense. However, even though the game became a success and paved the way for the rest of its genre by setting an example, it's far from perfect. There are many somewhat funny but at times confusing aspects of Skyrim and its many storylines that leave us scratching our heads.

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Today, we're here to list out 10 plot holes that remain unexplained in TES: Skyrim. Warning, spoilers ahead!

10 Everyone Fears A Child In Windhelm

Even long before you arrive to Windhelm you'll hear whispers of a child called Aventus Aretino performing the Black Sacrament to call forth the Dark Brotherhood. We get that this is all meant to make us scared of the Brotherhood, but why would anyone ever be scared of a little child?

Even if Aventus performed the ritual, he's but a kid and is no match to an entire city should people join forces against him. Moreover, the boy has been locked up without food in his house for a while now, which makes us wonder how he's even alive at this point.

9 Only Nords Can Go To Sovngarde - Except For You

Once you enter Sovngarde, you'll likely meet Tsun who guards the boned bridge to the Hall of Valor. In order to get past him you need to prove your worth in battle, after which you may gather your forces at the Hall and finally defeat Alduin. However, once you've finished this quest Tsun implies that one day he'll welcome you back to Sovngarde, which is a strange thing to say unless your character happens to be a Nord.

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After all, Sovngarde is for Nords only, and definitely not for someone who has sworn allegiance to every Daedric lord and listens to Sithis - which we assume are quests most players will do.

8 You Become The Arch-Mage - With Just A Few Spells

The College of Winterhold is pretty quickly painted as a prestigious academy for those gifted magic. Only those truly committed to the craft may enter, and you, too, need to pass a test before you can be taken in as a student. However, aside from the two spells you end up learning to enter the college and progress through the quest line, you don't really need to know that much about magic to be chosen as the Arch-Mage.

It seems pretty backwards to pick a person who only recently became a student to become the Arch-Mage, but oh well!

7 They Greybeards Never Speak Of Ulfric

The Greybeards are a secluded community living on top of High Hrothgar, and the only ones capable of teaching the way of the Thu'um. In Skyrim there's only one other person who doesn't live on this mountain and who's known to be able to use Shouts: Ulfric Stormcloak.

And yet, the Greybeards seem to never once mention him or explain how or why Ulfric was taught the way of the Thu'um. You would think such an obvious detail would be discussed at least once, but Arngeir and his friends seem to have better things to talk about with you.

6 Blatant Disrespect Of Leadership

As you progress through your adventures all around Skyrim, you'll eventually become leader in most of the main guilds and factions around the province. However, something that seems a little strange and backwards at times is that some NPCs within these guilds will still speak to you in a patronizing manner despite your status.

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Fellow mages at the College won't disclose what projects they're working on when asking for your help even though you're the Arch-Mage and Brynjolf will still act a tad arrogant even after you become the Guild's master.

5 The Civil War Is Over - Except It Isn't

A civil war is brewing in Skyrim while the Dragonborn discovers his destiny, and to participate we need to pick a side. No matter what side you choose, however, the end of the civil war is underwhelming to say the least.

The losing side will still continue to have a permanent presence around the province, with camps scattered here and there. Some of their generals can't even be killed due to being quest givers, which takes away from the realism. You'd think after such a bloody war one side would completely drive out the other, but we're left in a weird limbo-like grey zone.

4 A Thane Can Do Whatever They Want

In each hold, once you've completed enough quests and helped the citizens with their needs, the Jarl will eventually grant you the rank of Thane. You'll be able to purchase property if the hold is big enough and also receive a Housecarl in such cases.

You also, apparently, get almost completely away with stealing and murdering to your heart's content. Guards will still reprimand you for your deeds, but there won't be any real consequences, especially if you also happen to have the coin to protect yourself. It seems like an unfair and highly unrealistic system and makes no sense.

3 Professional Thieves Never Noticed Being Bamboozled

The Thieves' Guild is known across Skyrim as a group of professionals. Sure, lately the Guild has been suffering quite a bit financially, but the Guild is still sought after for help. You would imagine that such a group of professionals would keep better track of their gold reserves, especially during such hard times.

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However, Brynjolf and the rest are taken by complete surprise when the truth about Mercer stealing from the Guild is revealed. How in the world was Mercer able to trick a group of professionals to completely? We'll never truly understand.

2 You Assassinate The Emperor - And Nothing Happens

One of the biggest targets you'll receive as a Dark Brotherhood assassin is without a doubt the Emperor himself, Titus Mede II. This is a very high stake target, which is why it's strange just how easy it is to get to him on his boat.

You would think such an important guest would remain in a high-security mansion guarded by hundreds of Imperial soldiers. Not just that, when he's finally killed, you would imagine an absolute outrage all across Tamriel, including Skyrim. However, life seems to go on as if nothing ever happened.

1 You Can Swear Loyalty To All Daedra

The demonic Daedra deities of The Elder Scrolls series are known to claim mortals as their loyal servants. Once you swear allegiance to one, they own your soul, to put it lightly. However, in Skyrim, we're free to go around promising to each and every Daedra our undying loyalty, even though these deities are rivals with each other most of the time.

Contradicting allegiances are a big plot hole in general in Skyrim, allowing you to be a respected Thane and the Dragonborn hero, but also be a feared assassin of the Dark Brotherhood at the same time.

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