Sony partners with a UK-based gaming merchandise company to create a premium stand for the PlayStation VR, allowing gamers to show off the system in style.

Sony’s PlayStation VR has helped to bring virtual reality to a more mainstream audience since its release on October 13. While it’s true that the PlayStation VR’s sales in 2016 have been lower than what some industry analysts expected, the system is still positioned well going into 2017 with anticipated games like Resident Evil 7 on the way. Now, the most hardcore PlayStation VR fans will soon have a way to show off their favorite system thanks to an accessory Sony is creating with help from a UK-based gaming merchandise manufacturer.

Power Up Gaming reports that Sony has partnered with Numskull to produce an official stand for the PlayStation VR. The stand is said to feature a premium-quality obsidian head, a heavy chrome finish base and an adjustable height mechanism and cable strap. The stand retails for roughly 30 pounds in the UK – the equivalent of approximately $37 in the US – but like the PlayStation VR, it’s currently hard to find due to high demand. Numskull’s product listing for the stand directs players to partner Yellow Bulldog but the stand has already sold out just days after going on sale.


It’s unclear if UK-based Numskull will be making the stand available for sale through an American retailer. Some of the other products listed for sale on Yellow Bulldog allow for international shipping, but whether this is the case with the PlayStation VR stand is unknown at this time due to its sold-out status. But given that the stand is clearly selling quickly, Sony and Numskull certainly have an incentive to roll out the accessory worldwide.

If nothing else, the fact that Sony took the time to design a premium accessory for the PlayStation VR should indicate that the company believes the system’s future is bright. The PlayStation VR was named one of the top inventions of 2016 by Time Magazine and provides a much more affordable price point for gamers looking to get into virtual reality than competing systems like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. That’s a big advantage, considering that many gamers still feel that virtual reality is too expensive to be worth the commitment.

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The PlayStation VR is available now.