Coupons on eBay aren’t common, but every now and then they become available at select retailers on select items. Even rarer is when they apply to PlayStation hardware discounts, but if you’ve been searching far and wide for a PS4 Pro or PlayStation VR deal, today’s limited time sale will grant you discounts up to $50 on select Sony hardware. While the PS4 Pro deal has been around since last Friday, the PS VR deal was spotted as recently as last night.

The headset and console are both sold by NewEgg, but rather than paying full price (which you’ll be subjected to on their official site), shopping on Newegg’s eBay outlet is where the savings are found. Shipping is free on both items and sales tax is charged in only a handful of states: CA, IN, NJ, and TN. The big caveat? The aforementioned 10% off coupon code will only work ONCE per PayPal account. So if you want to pick up both the PS4 Pro and a PS VR bundle, your best bet is to seek out an alternative PayPal account to make the transaction.

PlayStation Hardware Deals

Use Code: SAVE15

Update: eBay’s deal is now expired, we’ve updated with the remaining available deals on the PS4 Pro which knocks $20 off the list price during checkout.

The coupon code on eBay Deals is only around for a limited time, so you’ll need to move quickly. It officially expires on tonight Tuesday, August 1 at 11:59PM Pacific.


Given the PS4 Pro will eventually arrive with a bundled unit along with Destiny 2 and the PlayStation VR library is growing by day (Paranormal Activity VR along with Fallout 4 VR are both two recently announced titles), we suspect you’ll be seeing a new PlayStation VR game bundle in the near future as well.

If PlayStation isn’t on your radar, the code is not limited to only the PlayStation VR Headset and PlayStation 4 Pro console. In fact, because NewEgg’s eBay page qualifies for the coupon, several gaming video cards can see discounts, like the GTX 1060 under $200. If you’re also a PC gamer, you’ll have quite a number of GPUs and CPUs to choose from. Our list of the hottest deals in the sale can be found here.