PSVR Titles with Planned PS4 Pro Support

PSVR PS4 Pro Support - Eagle Flight

Several additional PlayStation VR titles are confirmed to include PlayStation 4 Pro improvements, with the upgraded console on schedule to launch November 10.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is less than two weeks away from launching. November 10 will see the release of Sony's upgraded platform, featuring hardware that will provide developers with the power to display games in near-4K glory. Also likely to benefit will be owners of the recently launched PlayStation VR headset, which is certain to utilize any bit of extra hardware power the PS4 can provide. Yet just a scant few PlayStation VR titles have so far committed to supporting the PS4 Pro.

At the very least, three additional PSVR games have announced support for the PS4 Pro: Eagle Flight, EVE: Valkyrie, and Bound. Those three games will join Battlezone, Thumper, Robinson: The Journey, and Farpoint. Note that Robinson: The Journey and Farpoint are not yet available, with Robinson launching just prior to the PS4 Pro on November 8 and Farpoint arriving later this year. There's always a possibility of additional PSVR titles announcing support prior to the PS Pro's launch, but considering how little time remains it shouldn't be expected.

For perspective's sake, the PlayStation Pro will support between 15 to 20 non-VR games at launch. Another 10-15 titles have been announced and will arrive over the next year. Overall support from developers will be difficult to judge until the PS4 Pro has launched and sales numbers are established. Yet where a new PS4 buyer interested in Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1 could certainly justify purchasing the PS4 Pro, a PSVR early investor would have difficulty making the same decision.

PSVR PS4 Pro Support - Thumper

While PS4 Pro-upgraded games will generally focus on providing near-4K resolution, as well as other visual enhancements, PSVR support will differ. Obviously the PSVR headset doesn't support 4K, outputting at 960x 1080 per eye, so PSVR developers will be able to utilize the extra hardware power in different ways. Developers can instead focus on improved visuals while maintaining optimal frame rates.

Of the newly announced PS4 Pro PSVR titles, Bound's planning on providing 4K support for the game's 2D Photo Mode as well as, "upscaled shading on textures." In fact, it's unclear as to whether the PS4 Pro improvements in Bound will be 2D exclusive or effect the PSVR version of the game in anyway. EVE: Valkyrie similarly has ambiguously stated that the team is, "optimizing the game for any PlayStation Pro features." Perhaps improving PS4 Pro enhanced PSVR titles isn't as straightforward as Sony has made seem.

Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is planned to launch on November 10 for a price of $399.99. Sony's PlayStation VR is available now, though is extremely limited in supply.

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