Research analysts expect the PlayStation VR headset to launch somewhere between $400-$600, putting it in direct competition with the $600 starting price of Oculus Rift.

After the Oculus Rift went up for pre-ordering yesterday in anticipation of a March release, public attention turned back to Sony as fans eagerly await to see how much their PlayStation VR headset will cost. While Sony has not yet revealed a price point for their headset, a new report regarding the virtual reality market from research firm SuperData, indicates that consumers should expect the PlayStation VR headset to cost between $400-$600 dollars.

The cost of entry could be tipping further in Sony’s favor, especially when considering the fact that any of the current 36 million people who already own a PlayStation 4 are able to use the PlayStation VR headset right out of the box. The Oculus Rift on the other hand, requires a PC in order to use the device and it would need to be a system that is capable enough to handle the somewhat demanding requirements.

PlayStation VR RIGS

Many virtual reality enthusiasts were shocked to learn that the Oculus Rift came with a hefty $600 price tag, especially after Oculus VR CEO, Luckey Palmer, indicated in previous interviews that the device would be ‘insanely cheap’ considering the technical complexity of the system. It’s also worth noting that the $600 does not factor in costs for a PC powerful enough to use the headset.

Sony may also have a sizable advantage in terms of software over Oculus as more and more games from major companies have been announced for the PlayStation VR headset including Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin, Until Dawn: Rush of BloodTekken 7, and Gran Turismo Sport. Sony’s E3 press conference last year even devoted stage time to a number of VR focused games such as RIGS, which comes from Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games. Oculus on the other hand is releasing with only two options at the outset including EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale.

With both Oculus and Sony releasing in the first half of 2016, the two companies are lining up for a big showdown while also ushering a new era by introducing the larger public to home based virtual reality. It’s clear that there is excitement surrounding virtual reality with examples ranging from Sony announcing that over 200 developers have already signed on to develop software for the PlayStation VR headset and then yesterday Oculus Rift selling out fairly quickly after pre-orders went live for the first time.

Are you someone who’s looking forward to virtual reality becoming more mainstream or are you willing to wait until it is a proven commodity and at a more reasonable buy in price? Let us know your thoughts below.

PlayStation VR is expected to release sometime in the first half of 2016.

Source: SuperData Report