PlayStation VR Releases and Reveals Its Launch Trailer


Sony Interactive Entertainment officially releases PlayStation VR today, and unveils the virtual reality headset's launch trailer in order to promote the hardware.

Following yesterday's update to the PS4 media player in order to bring about support for PlayStation VR, Sony's virtual reality headset has officially launched worldwide. With this being the case, the company has also unveiled a short launch trailer for the hardware so as to give gaming fans a primer for the future to come.

As seen in the trailer for PlayStation VR dubbed "Live the Game" below, Sony touches on the virtual reality headset's ability to give gamers 360° vision, 3D audio, and shows off experiences involving the exploration of alien environments, races, and car chases. Not to mention, the clip also reminds fans of their ability to become the Dark Knight with Batman: Arkham VR.


Although the launch trailer for PlayStation VR is brief and to the point, it doesn't mean that Sony has taken a scaled back approach when it comes to supporting the hardware. As a matter of fact, the headset is compatible with over 40 million PS4 systems, and there are currently 30 games ready to experience as official launch titles. Not to mention, the company has declared that there ought to be nearly 50 titles available for PlayStation VR by the end of 2016, with more releases and additional games compatible with the VR technology set to come out sometime in early 2017.

For instance, Capcom has ensured that its survival horror title Resident Evil 7 is going to be ready for PlayStation VR, while intriguing releases like Star Wars Battlefront – Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew are set to be supported on the headset when they launch. As is to be expected, with PlayStation VR being a big release, Sony is putting as much resources behind the hardware as possible, with there being over 230 developers and publishers currently working on PS VR titles.


The official release of PlayStation VR coming to pass is undoubtedly one of the most important launches this year not only for Sony, but also for virtual reality gaming, as PS VR has the potential to become the standard go-to platform for the medium. Bearing this in mind, should the analyst firm IHS Markit be correct in its sales projection for 2016, PlayStation VR ought to have a banner launch year, as it could very well move 1.4 million units and generate $134 million in fans' virtual reality entertainment spending this year alone.

PlayStation VR is available now with the North American standalone headset costing $399 in the US and CAD$549 in Canada, while in the UK and Europe it runs for £349.99 and €399.99, respectively.

Source: PlayStation EU — YouTube (via VG 24/7)

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