Patent Suggests PlayStation VR 2 Will Be Wireless

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Virtual reality is thought to be the future of gaming by many, but the headsets capable of running triple-A style games often require bulky cables and wires running all throughout the setup to actually display an image. Oculus announced the Quest, their wireless version of VR, and it now appears Sony may have something up its sleeve for its Playstation VR 2 too if a new patent filing is to be believed.

While the patent itself is in Japanese, the English translation does reveal some details about how the wireless PSVR 2 might operate. Essentially, it would utilize different frequencies to maintain a constant connection with the wireless headset. Of course, this means that there would still be some sort of base or processor unit connected to the PlayStation to communicate with the headset, whether it's attached to the rumored PS5 or compatible with current generation hardware.

A wireless version of the PSVR would likely come as a relief to many virtual reality enthusiasts. Some of the biggest issues the systems currently face stem from the number of cables required to enjoy VR games, as they often get in the way or add unwanted bulk to the headsets themselves. Of course, it will likely be quite some time before a headset like this finally makes it onto the market.


At the very least, the prospect of a wireless VR headset should pique the interest of gamers that have avoided the systems thus far. There's still the issue of inducing motion sickness in those that are susceptible, but that will likely be worked out in time. For a headset to really succeed, Sony should focus on getting even more big budget software on the system, which is something it should be able to do given how many studios it's partnered with.

Sony has been making numerous improvements to their platform of late, launching PS4 version 6.50 last week which enabled players to stream games to IOS devices, as well as making other quality of life changes. With the possible announcement of new hardware on the horizon, it'll be exciting to see what vision Sony has for the platform.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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