PlayStation VR Hardware Revisions Possibly in the Works

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Although the current version of the PlayStation VR has yet to be released, it appears that Sony is already working on a hardware revision for its virtual reality headset.

The PlayStation VR release date will soon be here, with Sony's virtual reality headset set to make a place for itself alongside the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Early reviews for the piece of hi-tech kit indicate that it's a solid and well-made device, with the launch line-up also being considerably strong. But it seems that Sony isn't content just to revel in its praise as the company is potentially already working on hardware revisions.

In a new interview with IGN, SIE Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden discusses PlayStation VR, revealing that "we are constantly iterating and innovating our hardware almost the minute that [we] delivered the first." Layden also explains that "when you deliver unit 'A,' you know 'A Prime' is already in design" and that "you can look at the first generation of the product and see the future about where you want to go.

Moreover, there are "certain technologies" that Sony needs to incorporate but there are also technologies that don't exist yet. The Sony executive also refers to the current PlayStation VR model as "step one in a very long journey."


On the one hand, PlayStation fans may be happy to hear that Sony has big plans for its virtual reality headset, even if the initial model isn't yet available to them. In particular, there has been controversy that PS VR units must be unplugged to view HDR content, something which has been a big disappointment to potential buyers. As exciting as the PS VR unboxing video may be, the hype around the device doesn't make up for what gamers see as a significant missing feature, but perhaps this could be fixed with a newer model.

Others, though, fear that their money may be wasted or that they may massively miss out on being an early PlayStation VR adapter. Both the newly available PS4 Slim and the upcoming PS4 Pro offer technological improvements over the launch PS4 model with some wishing that they may have waited for these newer consoles — it's understandable then that some may want to hold off on buying a PS VR at launch.

Additionally, it's unclear whether games made for the launch model of the PS VR will be compatible with any future editions. Given Sony's policy on PS4 Pro games, in which some games will be made PS4 Pro forward compatible to take advantage of its new features, it seems that this would be the case with PS VR hardware, but with no information to go on it makes sense for there to be doubts.

PlayStation VR is set to launch on October 13, 2016, and will be compatible with all PS4 systems.

Source: IGN

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