PlayStation VR Demand Is Greater Than PlayStation 1

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With PlayStation VR sold out in stores months before its upcoming launch, PlayStation executive Shuhei Yoshida says demand is greater than that of the original PS1.

A recent interview with PlayStation executive Shuhei Yoshida by Bloomberg reveals some of the company's thoughts about the release of PlayStation VR next month. For the most part, he is unsure what demand for the device will be, saying the closest situation he could compare it to was the release of the PS1.

"To be honest, we don't know what demand will be. In terms of disruption, this is the most since PS1 and perhaps even greater than that."

Initial worries stem from the technology being in its infancy, making it hard to predict how people will react to the device and how that will affect sales, which, in turn, makes predicting demand a bit difficult. But given the fact PlayStation VR sold out in minutes after it was available for pre-order, it can be safely assumed demand is high. While it's unclear how much stock retailers like Gamestop and Amazon had before its reserves ran dry, it might have been exceedingly low given PlayStation's uncertainty.

A few months back Sony executive Andrew House told consumers to expect shortages, saying he wasn't sure Sony could keep up with demand before also speaking on the device's inception, mirroring much of what Yoshida said. It appears no branch of PlayStation knew what to expect.

According to the Bloodberg interview, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is estimating PlayStation VR will sell at least 1.5 million units this year, far ahead of devices such as the HTC Vibe and Oculus Rift, which could be a simple matter of pricing. The gaming lineup could also play a large part. PlayStation is sporting some big names, like Resident Evil 7 and Batman. It's estimated the PlayStation VR could sell 3 million unites in 2017, doubling the amount this year.

PlayStation VR will launch next month, October 13, and is priced at $400 for the headset on its own, but the setup requires a PlayStation camera and a PlayStation 4 as well. There is also a bundle available that packs the headset, camera, two PlayStation Move controllers and the PlayStation Worlds game for $500, which is a reasonable price considering it's still under what other VR headsets cost initially.

So far there hasn't been word on when PlayStation VR will be back in stock, but it's likely going to happen after its launch, and after Sony and PlayStation can better understand the demand; after which they can appropriately deal with supply. Those without a pre-order who are eagerly wanting to jump into this new frontier in gaming, or those wanting a good scare from the inordinate amount of horror games coming to PlayStation VR, will unfortunately need to remain patient for another couple months or so.

Source: Bloomberg

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