PlayStation VR Discounted at Major Retailers


The Sony PlayStation VR headset gets a big discount at major retailers. The device becomes just the latest virtual reality gaming headset to get a price cut in recent months, with Oculus also putting its Oculus Rift on sale.

At Amazon and GameStop, it is now much cheaper to get the PlayStation VR headset. The two retailers now offer the headset for $400 and offer a free PlayStation Eye camera required to use the device. The camera previously had to be purchased separately and so this bundle is essentially a $60 price cut that prospective PS VR buyers can enjoy and ease the strain on their wallets. It's unclear whether this bundle is being pushed by Sony and whether it will also be offered at other retailers.

While news of price cuts usually leads people to ask questions about the health of a product's sales, there is no indication that the PlayStation VR is struggling. According to official figures released by Sony earlier this year, almost one million PlayStation VR units have been sold. Helped by the massive install base of the PS4 (over 50 million PS4s sit in homes across the world), the PS VR headset has eclipsed sales of PC virtual reality headsets the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive – so things seem to be going well.


The bigger question, though, is how much this price cut can increase those PlayStation VR sales. A price cut is brilliant news for those who are looking to try the new technology on a budget but more than that, but is this enough to convince people that the headset is a decent investment? Or will some remain on the fence as they wait to see if the Sony virtual reality device has some longevity?

Many will argue that a strong lineup of games throughout this year and the next are just as important as any money savings on the device. VR support for games like Resident Evil 7 are important and the rumored VR support for Star Wars Battlefront 2 is also positive but even more will need to be done to convince the doubters.

The Sony E3 2017 press conference would be a good place for this. Although core PS4 announcements are sure to dominate the press conference, if Sony included some PS VR reveals during the event, this could do as much for the device's numbers as that discount can.

Source: Polygon

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