Following Sony’s reveal of the PlayStation VR price and release date, PlayStation Camera and Move controller sales skyrocket, indicating huge demand for the headset.

Earlier this week, virtual reality fans were delighted when Sony finally revealed the price and the release date for its VR headset, PlayStation VR. Included in the PlayStation VR box is the headset itself, a cable for headset connection, a processing unit, a HDMI cable, a USB cable, headphones and a power supply. But what’s not included is the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move controllers and both the camera and the controllers are required to actual play virtual reality games.

While this information was met with some grumblings from fans who wondered why these items weren’t automatically bundled in with the headset, it seems that many others are more than happy to open up their wallets to bag themselves a PlayStation Camera and the required PlayStation Move controllers ahead of the PS VR’s fall launch. According to Amazon UK’s ‘movers and shakers’ list, the PlayStation Camera’s sales have risen by a whopping 2,837% moving it to eighth place on the sales list (up from 235) while sales of PlayStation Move controllers are up by 799% and the official Move charging station is up by 939%.

PlayStation VR boosts PlayStation camera and Move controller sales

Sony will surely be ecstatic about this massive wave of pre-release interest, as it suggests that its virtual reality headset has a real chance at going up against VR rivals the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. It looks as though the PlayStation VR is set to hit its 1.9 million sales estimate too. Plus, with Microsoft recently having stated that it has no plans to bring virtual reality gaming to Xbox One any time soon, the interest surrounding PS VR could potentially see Sony’s console extend its huge sales lead as well.

That said, there are obvious concerns that Sony will not be able to keep up with such high demand. Not only are PlayStation Move controllers and PlayStation Cameras selling rapidly, but the Amazon UK movers and shakers list even suggests that sales of the officially licensed camera stand has risen by 372%, showing that early adopters are preparing for the headset’s launch in a big way.

Moreover, this demand is set to pick up as gamers learn more about (already highly anticipated) VR titles such as 100ft Robot Golf and Eve: Valkyrie. And that’s before E3 2016 is taken into consideration, as Sony is likely to use the annual games industry event to promote its upcoming headset even more, meaning that PlayStation VR sales could potentially skyrocket, and those who’d like to get in on the virtual reality action will be forced to wait for more units to be made.

Source: Amazon