Sony’s highly anticipated successor to the PSP, the PlayStation Vita, has yet to get a release date outside of Japan, and while many are already thinking  of importing the handheld, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s president of WorldWide Studios, doesn’t recommend it.

According to Yoshida, the discrepancies between how consoles work vary in different territories, citing the familiar swapping of the X, O button commands in Japan. In Japan, the X button is used to cancel whereas the O button is used to affirm actions. Anyone who has played a Japanese title in the past will be used to this, but for those without much experience they may find themselves frustrated.

Yoshida oversees all of Sony’s first party studios so it is likely that he has had enough experience with the handheld to make such statements.

“There are people who are interested in importing the Japanese version of PS Vita from outside Japan, but I personally do not recommend that. Sorry to make you wait a bit longer. We will update the launch dates outside Japan soon. Sorry I’m not explaining well, but from my experience owning both US and J[apan] game consoles of everything, there tend to be minor nuisances. Like inconsistency between the use of x and o buttons between system software and games.”

Those interested importing still can though, as the Vita will follow in the PS3’s footsteps by being region free. For those who do not know, what this means is that any PS Vita game can be played on PS Vita system, no matter which country either are from. For example, before Demon’s Souls was published in North America and Europe, many would import the title from Japan. While the game itself was from Japan, it could still be played on North American PS3s.

As well, Yoshida has also stated that the language of the PS Vita can be changed to any language the user wants, meaning that those interested in importing from Japan will be able to use the system in English or whichever language they perfer.

Will you be importing the PS Vita, or are you going to wait for the system to be announced for your territory?

The PlayStation Vita will be available in Japan December 17th, 2011, and is set to land in other territories in early 2012.

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