PlayStation Vita Playable At Tokyo Game Show Launch Details

Ever since its official reveal, the PlayStation Vita has been met with what seems like just as much resistance as excitement. While some gamers are turned off by the price point or worries of the implementation of the two touch pads, others are equally excited about the promising hardware behind the portable and the creative ways this technology will be put to use. For this reason, gamers everywhere are itching to get their hands on the handheld in order to see if it can hold its own in the competitive portable gaming market.

While a release by the end of the year has been announced for the PlayStation Vita, there are still quite a few burning questions that have not been addressed. Not only that, but many gamers are still not convinced by the handheld and are yearning to get their hands on it before launch. It looks as if they have a lot to be excited for in the coming months then, as Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano has stated that the handheld will be making an appearance at Tokyo Game Show.

Kawano has promised that the handheld will have a strong presence at the show, making it easier for players to get their hands on the device and decide for themselves whether it deserves the hype it has been receiving. He also stated that details such as the handheld’s release date, launch titles, UMD issues, and pricing and providers of its 3G service will all be provided at the event.

This is sure to be an exciting prospect for gamers who have been awaiting the Vita. With rumors circulating regarding the release date, it will be comforting to finally receive an official date. By clarifying and elaborating on some of the more vague details regarding the handheld, gamers will have a much better idea of what to expect when the Vita finally does hit store shelves.

If our hands-on time with the PlayStation Vita during E3 as well it winning Game Rant’s Best Handheld Of E3 are any indication, the handheld has a bright future ahead of it. While there are sure to be gamers who are skeptical of what the Vita can achieve as well as whether or not it’s worth the steep asking price, there isĀ  a lot of potential within the system which will only be tapped as the handheld matures.

The Tokyo Game Show takes place from September 15th to 19th. With the PlayStation Vita playable on the floor and numerous juicy details promised, there are definitely a lot of reasons for gamers to follow the event and you can be sure Game Rant will be doing the same.

Which titles do you expect will be available for the Vita’s launch? What do you think the official release date will be?

Source: Andriasang

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