PlayStation Vita North American Launch Games and Accessories

PlayStation Vita Launch Games and Accessories

Less than one week after the PlayStation Vita debuted in Japan, Sony has detailed the system's lineup up of launch day and launch window games and accessories. It's an unquestionably extensive selection of titles. In fact, Sony boasts that Vita has the largest launch lineup of any PlayStation platform ever.

Along with the games, Sony has released the definitive list of first party Vita accessories, along with their prices. Of primary interest here is that Vita's notorious, proprietary memory cards have quietly received a significant price cut. The 4 GB card, for instance, now comes in at a fairly reasonable $19.99, while the 32 GB card shed $20 to hit its new price of $99.99.

Vita's games have been assigned a price range, with Sony noting that "all software will range from $9.99-$49.99." Presumably, it will be the PSN Only titles that will come in at the low end of that scale. Furthermore, although the Vita's launch date is officially February 22nd, all the system's first party games and accessories will actually be available one week earlier on February 15th, so that purchasers of the First Edition Bundle will have the opportunity to throw a little more cash Sony's way. Finally, no dates have been specified for the launch window titles.

Uncharted Golden Abyss

Vita's launch lineup is admittedly looking pretty spectacular. Check out the full list below.

Launch Day Titles:

WipEout 2048

Launch Window Titles

Launch Day Accessories

  • 4 GB Memory Card $19.99
  • 8 GB Memory Card $29.99
  • 16 GB Memory Card $59.99
  • 32 GB Memory Card $99.99
  • Starter Kit with Memory Card* $39.99
  • In-Ear Headset $19.99
  • Carrying Case $19.99
  • Travel Pouch $19.99
  • Protective Film (2 pack) $9.99
  • Card Case $5.99
  • Cradle     February $19.99
  • AC Adaptor $14.99
  • USB Cable $14.99

*includes: 4GB Memory Card, Pocket Pouch, Protective Film, Card Case, Headphones, and Cleaning Cloth.

Spring 2012 Accessories

  • Car Adapter $14.99
  • Portable Charger$ 49.99
Reality Fighters

While the Vita's Japanese launch hasn't been completely without incident, the system is nonetheless off to a promising start. Yes, a number of players have documented Vita glitches, many of which appear to be related to the unit's OLED touch screen. Additionally, the need for a factory reset to switch PSN accounts remains a disappointment. Still, the drop in memory card prices is encouraging, and the breadth of the launch lineup is impressive.

Ranters, what do you think of the Vita's lineup of day one games? Do you plan to buy the system?

The PlayStation Vita releases February 22, 2012 in North America.


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Source: PlayStation Blog

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