PlayStation 4 Update 7.0 Enters Beta Testing

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The PlayStation 4 update 7.00 has been rolled out for console owners that signed up for early access, meaning that the update will be live for every PS4 owner soon.

Sony hasn't released a substantial PlayStation 4 update in a while, with 6.00 releasing over a year ago. Most recent PS4 updates have been stability fixes, likely in preparation for 7.00.

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For those that signed up for beta testing, an invite code will be available starting now to try out the 7.00 update. This update will double party sizes from 8 to 16, allowing more PS4 users to easily get together to chat and jump into each other's game sessions. PS4 update 7.00 will also offer HDR calibration for those that can take advantage of it with 4K TVs. Finally, this update will allow some PS4 updates to completely be downloaded and installed automatically, foregoing the need to restart the PS4 with every update. This last feature is great for those who leave their systems in Rest Mode, as it'll download the update while resting and then the PlayStation 4 is ready to go without time wasted waiting on a restart and installation.

PS4 update 7.00 is a relatively small download, coming in at 469.7 MB. It's unlikely there will be anything major added between the beta version of the patch and the public release, but it won't be confirmed for sure until 7.00 is live for everyone. At this point, a lot of the most asked-for features are now a part of the PlayStation 4 UI, including the long-awaited ability to change PSN names, and signs point to Sony continuing to tweak this UI for the release of the PS5.

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This new update will come just in time for the holiday rush, and if nothing else, will help the PlayStation 4 be a solid gift choice come December. HDR calibration will be a big incentive for gamers with big high-end TVs, because while the PS4 and PS4 Pro have supported HDR this may make it easier to set up. Also, with titles like Death Stranding coming out soon, the incentive to pick up Sony's console keeps increasing, even with the PlayStation 5 rumored to come out about a year from now.

With the holiday season officially kicking off soon, other companies may follow Sony's example and offer big updates to their consoles to intice savvy gamers on a new console purchase.

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