PlayStation TV Receiving Price Cuts At Specific Retailers

PlayStation TV Receives Retailers Specific Price Cuts

Sony has managed to establish itself as a staple of the current console marketplace with the PS4, but their other gaming ventures have had slightly less luck gaining a significant foothold. In particular, their PlayStation Vita handheld console has shown a marked difficulty attracting a wide audience despite carving a dedicated niche for itself. With the release of PlayStation TV, Sony no doubt hoped to increase the breadth of the Vita's reach. Despite this, some retailers have already begun lowering the price of the microconsole.

While early impressions of the device were not entirely favorable, it proved to impress in the time following its launch. Allowing gamers to play much of the Vita's catalog, PSP titles, digital versions of the PlayStation One's classics and remotely play their PS4 through it, PlayStation TV certainly has a market. With certain retailers beginning to lower the cost of the device so close to its October 2014 launch in North America, gamers have unsurprisingly begun questioning whether a formal price drop is on the way.

According to a PlayStation representative speaking to GameSpot, "these price drops are indeed retailer specific," and do not represent an official price drop for Sony's microconsole. While PlayStation TV is being offered at a cost of $100 for the hardware itself or $140 for a bundle with a controller, retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart have begun offering the device and bundle at a non-sale price of $80 and $100 respectively, marking a significant drop in the product's asking price.

If these lower price points are not coming from Sony themselves, it is possible then, that demand for PlayStation TV at these retailers has simply not met the expectations placed on the device that many had hoped would make the Vita more approachable. With the recent introduction of PlayStation Now support for the device, one can only hope that - like the Vita - it manages to establish a dedicated niche foothold of its own.

Between PlayStation Now's formal launch later this month and the PS4 hitting 18.5 million units sold, it's hardly a bad time to be Sony. While there may be uncertainty surrounding PlayStation TV and its retailer-specific price drops, it is still a device that's in its infancy. Given time, it could very well grow into a device that is an essential component to any living room gaming setup.

Are you interested in adding PlayStation TV to your gaming repertoire? What additions would the package need to entice you?


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Source: GameSpot

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