PlayStation 'Switch' Console Concept Looks Awesome

Playstation Playman

Now that the Nintendo Switch has proved to be a resounding success across the globe, companies and gamers are wondering if fellow console makers Sony and Microsoft are going to join the party. One company, Curved/labs, decided to concept out what a PlayStation “Switch” would look like. The result is the below video, which shows off a compelling device that would make any PlayStation fanboy proud.

The concept comes courtesy of, who describes how the device - dubbed the Sony Playman - would work, and shows off the concept with a short video and a handful of concept art photos. In the post, the company says it chose PlayStation because Sony already has a handheld device: the PS Vita.

Essentially, the Playman would be a successor to the PS Vita and give the Nintendo Switch a run for its money. The new PlayStation handheld-console hybrid takes many notes from the Nintendo Switch playbook, and makes a few alterations and additions that could give the Sony device a leg up on the competition.

Like the Nintendo Switch, the Sony Playman would offer multiple ways for gamers to play. As Curved/labs puts it, the Playman would improve upon the usability of the Nintendo Switch, while remaining true to the newly created handheld-console hybrid genre. Curved/labs says:

“The Playman won’t be used in just two modes – handheld or TV docking station – but offers three possible fields of use. The device can either be connected to the TV via HDMI or, with attached controllers, be used as a handheld console. But furthermore a large, fully adjustable and above all robust joint allows for a comfortable solution to play while being out and about, without having to suffer from tired arms from holding up the weight of the whole handheld console.”

As the concept video and photos show, the Sony Playman would offer a large screen, along with two Sony Dualshock controller halves that could either be connected directly to the screen, or attached via a small touchpad.

The Curved/labs concept goes a step beyond just the simple design of the Playman device. The folks who put together this concept want to see an on-the-go device provide a proper AAA gaming experience from a handheld gaming device. With that in mind, the company would also offer a super slimmed down version of the PS4 slim that could be taken on the go and attached to the Sony Playman. This, in turn, would allow gamers to play their favorite PlayStation games, without worrying about picking up separate titles for the mobile gaming device.

This last idea is likely inspired by Nintendo Switch’s limitations when it comes to which games players can enjoy. While there are certainly some good games in the mix for Nintendo Switch, it’s already been revealed that the device likely can’t handle many current third-party titles, and won’t be able to keep up with future game releases.

Granted, titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild still make the Nintendo Switch worth purchasing, but the lack of current-gen third-party support across the board means the device can’t quite reach the full potential many gamers were hoping for.

To date, Sony hasn’t revealed any plans to create a PS Vita successor, though it did apparently patent a device that looks a lot like the Nintendo Switch, so there may still be hope for PlayStation fans.

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