Massive PlayStation Store Sale Discounts Over 500 Games

playstation discounts 500 games

Sony updated the PlayStation store this morning with a massive sale for the end of August that offers steep discounts on some great titles. The sale runs until September 3rd, giving gamers plenty of time to pick up on these great deals before they go away.

The sale features a lot of indies and remasters, plus some more recent games for very cheap. Sony has discounted over 500 games across its devices, some of which have dropped into the single digits. Gamers looking to beef up their digital collection will find no shortage of things to play that are well worth their time.

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As far as more recent titles go, Sony has discounted the Batman game turned Lord of Rings franchise Middle-earth: Shadow of War down to $25. Players can sneak and swoop around an open-world version of Middle-earth while fighting orcs and Uruk-hai. The game features the award-winning nemesis system in which enemy leaders will remember the player and take revenge. The game has a ton of things to do to keep players occupied into the Winter months.

playstation discounts 500 games

The DC Universe fighting game Injustice 2 also gets a steep discount, down to $30. The game allows fans to act out classic schoolyard character battle scenarios like "who would win if Batman fought The Ninja Turtles." The game features a ton of popular characters across DC Comics, plus some guest stars like Hellboy.

Playstation owners can also check out The Surge for only $12.49. Focus Home just announced it will release The Surge 2 next month. Get caught up on the futuristic sword fighting series before then for a great price.

The sale also features some incredibly steep discounts on a few very well-regarded independent titles. Pick up ninja simulator Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun for only $12.49. Get the lovely 2D planetary crafting game for Terraria for $10. Or get caught up on Pyre, the last game from Super Giant before it began its Hades experiment for just $8.

The sale also gives folks an opportunity to catch up on some old classics and remasters that they may have missed out on while playing all of the new games this generation. Revisit Rapture and Columbia in the BioShock Collection for only $15.99. The collection features all three Bioshock games so players can take to the water and then take to the skies. PlayStation has also discounted the throwback title Valkyria Chronicles Remastered down to mere change at only $10.

Gamers should check out the rest of the sale to see what other kinds exciting deals they can snatch up.

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