PlayStation Store Sale Discounts Bethesda Games

playstation store sale bethesda games

QuakeCon 2019 is in full-swing right now, and fans of Bethesda games certainly have their hands full with the weekend's festivities. This four-day gaming convention is one of the world’s longest-running gaming events, and players come from all over to get their gaming fix. However, fans who are unable to attend the event have nothing to worry about, as they can still enjoy a number of deals on Bethesda games through the PlayStation Store.

In order to celebrate QuakeCon 2019, the PlayStation Store is a running a week-long sale on some of the most popular titles from Bethesda, including games from the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, and Prey franchises. To note, there is already a PlayStation Store Summer Sale happening at this time, so these deals on Bethesda titles are just the cherry on top. 

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Players can sift through all the deals available through the PlayStation Store, but some of the most popular titles from the sale are as follows:

Additionally, the PlayStation Store is not the only place where Bethesda is offering huge discounts on its popular franchises. Steam, Amazon, Xbox Live, and a couple of other retailers are also running exciting QuakeCon sales on a variety of Bethesda games. Thus, it looks like fans of Bethesda games are going to have a great week regardless of their preferred gaming platform.

With respect to new Bethesda games, Wolfenstein: Youngblood is the latest entry in the developer's popular franchise. Sadly, there are no deals available on PlayStation Store for this title, but Amazon is running an exclusive deal on Wolfenstein: Youngblood Deluxe Edition, offering a 20% discount on the new game. In order to make an informed decision regarding this game, check out our detailed Wolfenstein: Youngblood review

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