The barebones of the PlayStation Network have finally returned, such as the ability to play online, but there are still a few pieces of the PlayStation 3’s online service that have yet to return. One of the more notable features that is currently missing is the PlayStation Store, and PS3 owners have been unable to purchase DLC, videos, or games for the better part of a month. It seems that the PlayStation Store will be back online very soon though, according to a recent notice that Sony sent out to developers and publishing partners.

This memo of sorts apparently landed in the hands of Gamasutra, and they’ve reported that the PlayStation Store is coming back in the very near future. The very near future as in this upcoming Tuesday (May 24th), so anxious PS3 owners who currently have some money burning a hole in their pocket won’t have to wait much longer.

The PSN’s content manager, Jack Osorno, wrote to developers stating that the service was currently scheduled to return May 24. Osorno also apparently informed devs of their planned release schedule that will add new games and DLC twice a week, instead of the traditional weekly update, in order to make up for the updates that the PlayStation Store missed out on while Sony’s online services were down.

“We thank you for your patience as we work to resume service of the PlayStation Store.”

“If there are concerns, we are willing to consider adjusting the release date of your content on this schedule. Adjustments will be made on a case by case basis.”

If developers feel that they shouldn’t have to wait a few more weeks for their content to become available on the PSN then they can plead their case to Sony, and depending on the urgency of the game and/or DLC the release date can be adjusted. This option makes a ton of sense for Sony to offer, not only helping those who originally had content scheduled to release during the PSN’s downtime, but it also ensures that PS3 owners won’t have to wait even more time to get the new Black Ops Escalation DLC (which Sony won’t want to do without for very long).

If this news is indeed true then Sony should be releasing an official statement very soon. Hopefully they also announce a day we’ll be able to capitalize on the “Welcome Back” package that is en route for PS3 gamers affected by the PSN’s downtime.

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Source: Gamasutra

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