PlayStation Plus Vote To Play Program Announced; Grow Home Coming to PS4

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Although most PS4 players would rather not pay to play multiplayer games on the console, one big benefit about Sony’s subscription service, PlayStation Plus, is that the price also includes free games. Each month, Sony offers several new games for free, including big budget blockbusters and smaller scale indies. The ‘Instant Game Collection’ (as the free games offer is known) also provides free PS3 and PS Vita games too, meaning that subscribers end up saving hundreds of dollars every year on games that they otherwise would have paid full price for.

The many discounts and savings are welcome but PlayStation Plus subscribers aren’t always happy with the choice of games on offer. For example, when Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes was in the PS4’s free game lineup in June, subscribers were divided on whether it was a great entry point for non-Metal Gear fans to get into the series or whether the short completion time of the game meant that subscribers were being ripped off.

The easy solution to a problem like this would be for Sony to ask PlayStation gamers which titles they might like to see included in the Instant Game Collection, but so far the PS4 manufacturer has kept full control of the program. Luckily, it sounds like that will change.

First word of the PS Plus changes came when a program called ‘Vote To Play’ leaked online was prematurely published on the PlayStation Store. And now, Sony has confirmed Vote To Play’s existence, announcing that it will launch on August 13, 2015.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony explains that Vote To Play “gives PS Plus members the opportunity to choose one of the titles you get to play as part of your monthly games on PlayStation 4”. Each month, three games will go up as candidates and PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to find out more about the games and cast their vote, returning to either see the standings or to change their vote before the time is up. The winning title will then be offered for free, with the other two being discounted.

Grow Home Announced Header

The Vote To Play poll for August (which runs from August 13 to August 24) includes RPG/board game hybrid, Armello, four-player co-op title Zombie Vikings and Ubisoft’s open world, Jack and the Giant Beanstalk-like adventure, Grow Home. Grow Home was previously released on PC, where it received many positive reviews, with Ubisoft having said that they wouldn’t bring it to consoles unless it performed well in terms of sales. It’s currently unclear whether Grow Home will be released on any other consoles after it launches on PS4 on September 2.

While many PlayStation Plus subscribers appear receptive to the choice of games and the Vote To Play announcement, others are worried that Sony will only put smaller scale games up for vote. Other have also pointed out that Sony could open up the voting to PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS3 and PS Vita, as right now only PS4 players get to have a say on their free games. Perhaps Sony will react to the feedback and expand the Vote To Play platform after launch.

Source: PlayStation Blog