Sony Checks Up on PlayStation Plus Members with Survey

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In an effort to check in on their faithful early adopters, Sony has sent out surveys to any of its PlayStation Plus members hoping to chart how their customers are feeling.  Sent directly from the PlayStation Network the message read:

"We know the program is new and you may not have had the chance yet to experience everything it has to offer, but we'd still like to hear from you. Please take our survey about your PlayStation®Plus experience. (The whole survey should take you 5—10 minutes to complete.)

To make PlayStation®Plus everything that it can be, your feedback is very important and we thank you in advance.

Sincerely, PlayStation®Network "

The survey is simple enough, requiring any who participate to evaluate their feelings on a scale from 1-10. Some of the questions are as insignificant as what is the member’s gender, while others ask the individual to rate some of PlayStation Plus’ stand-out features.

Whether this survey is meant to give hope to members that Sony will work diligently to further improve upon their service, only time will tell. At least this is a positive sign that, albeit possibly only on the surface, Sony seems to care how their customers feel about what amounts to a very insignificant upgrade.

As someone who isn’t yet sold on PlayStation Plus, I think it will take something more “game-changing” than Hulu Plus exclusivity before I can be swayed. Unfortunately, by starting their online service with a gratis price point, Sony has backed themselves in a corner. If they wish to convince their members that PlayStation Plus is worth the upgrade they are going to need to twist gamers’ arms in a fashion similar to Microsoft’s by restricting online play.

Any Ranters out there who joined PlayStation Plus want to comment on their experience so far? For those who have yet to adopt, what would be the feature that would convince you to fork over the cash?

Source: The Gamer Access

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