PlayStation Plus Subscribers Get Cloud Saving Tomorrow

PlayStation Plus Subscribers Cloud Saving Details Impressions

The day PlayStation Plus subscribers have been waiting for has finally arrived. Those who have been eagerly waiting since Sony's PSN announcement earlier in the year, will be glad to know that they will finally be able to backup their game saves to the cloud with tomorrow's v3.60 update.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will not only be able save their data to the cloud, but they'll now have access to that data from any PS3. However, the system isn't without its limits. Subscribers can store up to 150MB of gamesave data and a max of 1000 data files on their accounts. Another item Plus subscribers should know about is that not all games will be compatible with cloud saving functionality at launch. Developers have the option to (or not to) include cloud saving in their software, and some may be a bit cautious after the root key of the PS3 was released on the internet, leading to open season for the hacker community.

Up until this point, members of PlayStation Plus enjoyed periodic free games, early access to demos and betas and other cool perks, but many subscribers have been craving the cloud save feature for a while and Sony has finally delivered. The ability to save their data to the net could sway gamers who were on the fence about the pay service to sign up.

Note to those who are thinking about signing up: Purchasing a one-year subscription comes with an added three month bonus. This offer will not be available for long so it might be best to act sooner than later if it's something you've been considering.

The cloud save feature is a blessing to those who frequently bring their gaming habits to a friend's house, and have been forced to transfer data via usb stick. In addition to moving out of the old school of save transfers, the PSN cloud save server provides an added level of comfort and security to gamers  since their data will not be lost in the event of a system failure.

Are you a (potential) PlayStation Plus member who will use the cloud?

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