Although Black Friday has already come and gone, it seems as if Sony Interactive Entertainment still wants to give its legions of fans some more solid deals as the holiday shopping days are quickly coming to a close. To be specific, the company has officially revived a great discount for the cost of one year’s subscription to its premium online service PlayStation Plus, by dropping the annual fee from $60 to $40, saving a total of $20 off PlayStation Plus.

So, for those who need to join the subscription service for themselves, or for those who need to pay the fee as a gift for someone else, it’s imperative that they follow this link over to Amazon as soon as possible and pick up a PlayStation Plus membership for $40. It’s important to note, too, that once the subscription is purchased, Amazon will deliver a code to the buyer, so all one needs to do is pass the code on to the recipient so that they can redeem it and benefit from having access to a full year of PlayStation Plus.

For those unaware as to what PlayStation Plus offers, fans who subscribe to the service are able to play games online with friends–an imperative feature to have in order to enjoy such multiplayer-centric titles as Destiny 2 and Overwatch. Not to mention, PS Plus comes with the benefit of being privy to receiving member-only sales and much more significant discounts on some of the most highly coveted games out there.

Taking all of this into consideration, should one be a Sony fan who has yet to pay for a PS Plus membership, or if there’s another person in their life who needs the service, now is the best time to buy the ticket and take the ride. The PlayStation Plus sale has cropped up here and there throughout the holiday season, but it’s best to jump on the offer now before it disappears again.

The one-year subscription fee for PlayStation Plus is currently $40 through Amazon while the offer lasts.

Source: Amazon