Last week Hulu announced their long awaited and expected expansion to consoles. Unfortunately, this expansion is a paid subscription to a new, ad-supported version of Hulu called Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus will be opening up the back-catalog of TV shows that the streaming video company hosts to console owners.

The subscription will run you $9.99 a month to get the plethora of TV goodness on any device with an internet connection. Right now, you can check out the trial version of Hulu Plus before it launches. Though on the PS3 you’ll need to be a subscriber to PlayStation Plus.

This may be you right now, “Wait a minute. Will I have to pay for Hulu Plus AND PlayStation Plus for all of this television greatness?”

Thankfully, that’s a resounding no! The trial version of Hulu Plus is only accessible to those with the PlayStation Plus service. Once it is live you won’t need PlayStation Plus, but you will have to cough up the $10 monthly subscription for Hulu Plus.

Since the announcement there has been a lot of confusion on this issue. GameSpot managed to get a statement from Hulu encouraging the clarification:

“With the launch of Hulu Plus, there have been many rumors started, and we are trying our best to remedy the situation. Specifically to your question, the PlayStation Plus service is only a requirement during the preview period. Once the preview period ends, you should be able to download the Hulu Plus app, but that will still require the Hulu Plus subscription.”

Now we need to pose the same question to Microsoft and Xbox Live. It’s likely we already know the answer since Microsoft has required the paid service for a number of programs for some time. For example you need Live for access to Netflix on the device, so we’re all used to it. Being that PlayStation Plus is a new subscription service though, it’s easier to see the questions arise quickly when incorporating another subscription to the mix.

PlayStation Plus launched last week enabling gamers with benefits such as beta invites, early demo access, avatars, themes and discounts to gamers who subscribe. The service costs $18 for three months or $50 for a year.

Hulu Plus trial is out now, and will be making its way to other devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Xbox 360 and others for $9.99 a month soon.

Will you be subscribing to Hulu Plus?

Source: GameSpot