Free PlayStation Plus Games for September 2016

Free PlayStation Plus Games for September 2016

PlayStation Plus prices go up starting September 22, so Sony is looking to impress with this month's line-up, which includes both Journey and Lords of the Fallen.

September is a huge month for Sony and PlayStation. Although many big releases are still a while away, with The Last Guardian scheduled for October and Gran Turismo Sport now delayed until 2017, September instead brings the PlayStation Meeting. The event is likely to include the announcements of both the slimmer PlayStation 4 model and Sony's new high-end iteration on the PlayStation 4, the rumored PlayStation 4 Neo. To make September even better, it turns out that Sony has been saving up for a great month of PlayStation Plus games.

One name on the list of September's PlayStation Plus games will certainly stick out to players, as Sony is releasing Journey as part of the service. The title is unlikely to need much of an introduction, given it once held the title of the fastest-selling PSN game in history. Alongside this hit, the rest of the line-up is also very impressive:

  • Journey (PS4, PS3)
  • Lords of the Fallen (PS4)
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PS3)
  • Datura (PS3)
  • Badland (PS Vita, PS4, PS3)
  • Amnesia: Memories (PS Vita)

That makes three games available for PlayStation 4, four games available for PlayStation 3 and the usual two for PS Vita. Not only is Sony bringing out the secret weapon in terms of game quality, but is also offering a breadth of titles for each platform that has certainly been missing in recent months. Hopefully, it makes up for the price increase.


For those unfamiliar, Journey is a 2012 release for the PlayStation 3 that received an impressive critical reception, including many awards. This indie experience from Thatgamecompany puts the player in the middle of the desert, giving them a single goal - to go forward. What, or who, they find along the way will define the experience in different ways for every single player. Updated for PlayStation 4, Journey is still easily one of the most beautiful games available on the market to this day.

Supplementing Journey on PlayStation 4 will be Lords of the Fallen. The Dark Souls-inspired action adventure game is an under-appreciated gem, never receiving the attention it deserved after an admittedly rocky launch, and releasing the game through PS+ will no doubt tempt many to try its upcoming sequelBadland will also be available on PlayStation 4, a unique take on side-scrolling adventure/puzzle games featuring multiplayer that should scratch an itch for those PS+ subscribers craving it.

With Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, a filler story in the middle of the the third-person adventure trilogy, Datura, a short PlayStation Move lucid dream of a game, and Amnesia: Memories, an anime adventure game, rounding out the PS+ line-up for September it should be hard to complain. After all, this appears to be the best PS+ line-up in months. Is it worth the $10 annual price increase, though?

As always, new PlayStation Plus games go live on the first Tuesday of every month, while the previous month's games go away the night before. Make sure to pick up August's Tricky Tower and Rebel Galaxy before September 6, and stay tuned for October's games at the end of September.

Source: PlayStation

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