It’s the first month of PlayStation Plus without any cross-platform titles in a long time, as titles including Broforce, and Galak-Z become free to subscribers.

Wave goodbye to February. March is almost here and that means another round of free games via Sony’s PlayStation Plus service. This month’s titles include two PlayStation 4 titles, two PlayStation 3 games, and two PS Vita games, but no cross-platform options among the bunch. Yes, March 2016 will be the first month in recent memory to include no cross-platform games.

Leave it to voters in Sony’s PlayStation Plus “Vote to Play” campaign to choose the bro-iest, explode-iest, mayhem-iest game to be added to the free March games. The winner of March’s vote is, of course,  the infamous Broforce. If Sony’s going to focus on indie games for PlayStation Plus every month, at least let folk vote for which games they want.

For those who aren’t bros, Sony has plenty of other options in March. Here’s the full PlayStation Plus line-up:

  • Broforce (PS4)
  • Galak-Z (PS4)
  • The Last Guy (PS3)
  • Super Stardust HD (PS3)
  • Flame Over (PS Vita)
  • Reality Fighters (PS Vita)

Not too many household names in that list, though the more that know about Galak-Z the better! Odds are there will be a bit of disappointment among core PlayStation gamers. The lack of a big household name title again as well as the lack of cross-platform games this month will perhaps cause more vocal disappointment than ever. And that’s perhaps going to be magnified due to Microsoft’s doubling down on backwards compatibility for their Games with Gold.

Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, though. PlayStation Plus subscribers should by no means be disappointed with their free games this month, as they’re all arguably excellent games. Broforce has a selection of parodied action movie hero protagonists that players can group together in co-op for some run and gun shooting. Galak-Z is a 2D SHMUP with procedurally generated worlds and an upgradable mech gundam spaceship with a laser sword.

It should also be noted that Sony dropped a big hint that Galak-Z may be receiving some additional content in the upcoming month. Everyone’s hoping that it’s the currently-missing Mission 5 (as well as hoping that it will be free DLC), but there’s also the possibility of a larger expansion or chunk of premium DLC coming down the pipeline.

On PS3 The Last Guy will offer monster and zombie killing action shown from real-life top-down aerial photography, and unique SHMUP action that takes place on 3D globes with Super Stardust HD. On PS Vita, Flame Over is like Super Mario Sunshine‘s water spraying mechanic turned into a 2D real-time puzzle game. And Reality Fighters is a fighting game, as the name would imply. Except in this game players can scan themselves into thee experience and fight in real-world locations scanned with the PS Vita camera.

While it may not be a blockbuster line-up in March, PlayStation Plus is certainly delivering a diverse selection of games. Hopefully everyone has the platforms to try them all. And that Galak-Z news later this month should be exciting new content to look forward to. And as a bonus, the two games that lost the Vote to Play this month, Android Cactus and Action Henk, will be 30% off from March 8 to March 21.