Not too long ago, a dubious-looking image was circulated online as potential proof that PlayStation Plus‘ free games for February 2018 would include the likes of From Software’s action-RPG Dark Souls 2 and Ubisoft’s first-person shooter Far Cry 4. Now, however, it looks as if the picture in question was a fake all along, as the “leak” was generated with the assistance of the raster graphics editor, Adobe Photoshop.

This confirmation comes by way of the fake’s creator, George Awad, who recently decided to explain the origins behind the image, stating that it first started out as a joke post on Facebook, but was then taken by others and posted on Reddit where it “spread like wildfire”. In order to lend credence to his claim that the picture was indeed a fake, Awad shared a screenshot of his work in Adobe Photoshop to show how he manipulated various image assets to create the PlayStation Plus “leak,” which can be seen directly below.

While there’s no doubt that many PlayStation Plus subscribers will be disappointed to learn that the Dark Souls 2 and Far Cry 4 leak lacks legitimacy, most will likely just be grateful for Awad coming forward to confirm it’s a fake so that they don’t get their hopes up in vain. That said, though, it would be a strange turn of events if Sony decides to actually go forward with any of the games being offered to PS Plus subscribers for free.

All things considered, Awad’s decision to clear the air regarding the fake PlayStation Plus image is good for many reasons, but it is most helpful as an example for how fans should temper their expectations when it comes to leaks, especially those that come from an unverified source. Sure, some unsubstantiated rumors turn out to be true – a leak for free games in January 2018’s offerings for the service was almost 100% accurate, for instance – but it’s typically best to reserve judgment until official confirmation.

Hopefully, Sony will confirm February 2018’s free games for PlayStation Plus soon.

Source: Reddit