We don’t often cover the new PS Plus games here at Game Rant, but when we do know that it is for good reason. Sony has been absolutely killing it with their Instant Game Collection feature, and it seems like on a fairly regular basis they prove why PlayStation Plus is a must-have.

With that being said, we bring the news that BioShock Infinite, DMC: Devil May Cry, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons are all being added to the Instant Game Collection for PS3 this January. That’s three critically acclaimed games, and ones that are on plenty of end-of-the-year lists, for free…well, technically $49-a-year.

In addition to those three high profile PS3 releases, PS Plus users on Vita will be getting Smart As… and Worms: Battle Island for their Sony handheld. Granted, the Vita doesn’t have too many must-play titles yet, but Smart As is quite the enjoyable time-killer.

And finally, for only the second time ever, Sony is adding new PS4 games to the Instant Game Collection. Don’t Starve has been drawing positive buzz on the PC front for several months now, and now PS4 gamers can see what Klei Entertainment’s (Mark of the Ninja, Shank) rogue-like/survival title is all about.

PS Plus Free Games January

From BioShock to Brothers, we can’t recommend the games on next month’s list enough. And the fact that Sony is practically giving them away not only speaks to the power of their Instant Game Collection program, but also to the profile of these games.

When Sony first announced the Instant Game Collection it sounded like something too good to be true. However, since that time Sony has shown that the service isn’t some fantasy, by releasing major titles like Borderlands 2, Uncharted 3, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. They’ve even prompted Microsoft to offer their own version of the IGC, but Sony’s competitor has yet to offer anything too exciting, mostly games from at least three years ago.

We don’t have any release dates for these 6 games, but Sony tends to spread them out over the month so keep an eye out. And if you have yet to play any of the three PS3 releases or Don’t Starve, now is the perfect opportunity.

Which of the new Instant Game Collection releases are you most looking forward to? Has the service convinced you to subscribe to PlayStation Plus?

Source: PlayStation Blog