2018 may be half over, but PlayStation Plus is only just getting started. Sony unveiled the next month of free games to come with the subscription service, six games spread across the three major PlayStation platforms. July’s games will be headlined by the PlayStation-exclusive Heavy Rain, perhaps in celebration of the release of David Cage’s newest game Detroit: Become Human.

Sony’s full line-up of free offerings for July’s PlayStation Plus are as follows:

  • Heavy Rain (PS4)
  • Absolver (PS4)
  • Rayman 3 HD (PS3)
  • Deception 4: The Nightmare Princess (PS3)
  • Space Overlords (PS Vita)
  • Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PS Vita)

Note that this month there aren’t any cross-over titles between platforms. Every game will be exclusive to the platform it’s listed for. Typically there’s at least one PS3 or PS Vita title that also works on PS4, but not for this coming month.

That bonus is, of course, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which was made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers as part of the E3 reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the upcoming online multiplayer shooter, so make sure to download it before it disappears on July 11.

absolver playstation plus

Heavy Rain is interesting to see join the PlayStation Plus line-up, especially months after the game that followed it up, Beyond: Two Souls, was released on the service. Heavy Rain is perhaps the most stand-out of David Cage’s games, a murder mystery filled with often excessive drama, uncanny valley silliness, and some of the wildest quick-time events to ever grace a console.

The second title available for PS4 in July is Absolver, a relatively recently released indie fighting game. Challenge both player and AI in unique martial arts battles with customized attack sets in this special PlayStation Plus inclusion.

Rounding out July’s line-up on PS3 are Rayman 3 HD and Deception 4, a legendary puzzle platformer and an anime strategy game. And on PS Vita, Space Overlord, an action-adventure title where giant Overlords destroy miniature planets, joins Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. Zero Escape is difficult to describe but it is the final release in a trilogy of ambitious adventure games that will leave your head spinning – and asking for more.

PlayStation Plus July 2018 should go live on the first Tuesday of the month, which will be July 3. Make sure to download June’s PlayStation Plus games, including XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion, before then or they’ll be gone for good.