Sony has revealed the line-up of free games included in July’s PlayStation Plus, again featuring two games each for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. The main feature this month is a great PlayStation 4 exclusive horror game, Until Dawn. It’s a perfect opportunity to prepare for Until Dawn‘s prequel, The Inpatient, which was announced during E3. With five other outstanding games being offered, this might the best month in a long time.

Sony’s also including a couple of great bonuses in July for PlayStation Plus members, including a special bonus game for PlayStation 4. That’s You is the debut title to use Sony’s PlayLink technology, which has players using their smart phones or tablets instead of a standard controller. That’s You is a social/party game where players take photos of each other, do quick photo edits to make their friends look like things including astronauts or emojis, and other quirky photo-based games. That’s You will launch on July 4 and remain available until October 24. That’s plenty of availability time, but it’s worth picking up as soon as possible.

The second bonus in July has to do with the upcoming free-to-play game, Orcs Must Die! Unchained. It’s funny to think that the original indie hit Orcs Must Die! started out single player, added in co-op in the sequel, and is now growing into a huge team-based, co-op, free-to-play game. PlayStation Plus members on PlayStation 4 will receive access to the game starting July 18, in addition to a $20 pack of microtransaction goodies. The pack will be available from launch through August 18, so there’s no better time to try the game then in July.

With July’s special PlayStation Plus bonuses out of the way, let’s finally get to the meat of the month. Here are the six free games featured in July’s PlayStation Plus line-up:

  • Until Dawn (PS4)
  • Game of Thrones (PS4)
  • Tokyo Jungle (PS3)
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection (PS3)
  • Element4l (PS Vita)
  • Don’t Die, Mr. Robot (PS Vita, PS4)

Until Dawn‘s already been noted, but the first season of Game of Thrones from Telltale Games is a stellar series. It’s also a perfect companion story to both the Game of Thrones TV show and the Song of Ice and Fire book series. The Game of Thrones game tells the story of the Forrester family, who as many families in Westeros are going through challenging times. The Forresters’ lives are interwoven with many of Game of Thrones‘ most famous characters and is a great adventure game even for those who aren’t familiar with the franchise.

The PlayStation 3’s line-up is worth getting excited about, too. Tokyo Jungle is a crazy experience where players control different animals in an urban wasteland, trying to discover the story of humankind’s disappearance. It’s too bad the game hasn’t yet been ported to PlayStation 4. That statement also rings true for Darkstalkers Resurrection, and will definitely have fans of the fighting game franchise begging for a modern update. Who knows, maybe Capcom’s teasing something by including the game in PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus games go live for download at the start of July, typically on the first Tuesday of the month – July 4. As usual, the games are free-to-download and keep for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. That also means that current subscribers should make sure and download June’s games before they disappear next week.

PlayStation Plus‘ free games for July will be available at the beginning of next month.