Earlier this month, an image made its way around the Internet showing big titles like Dark Souls 2 and Far Cry 4 as some of the free games available for Playstation Plus members in February. While the leak was later found out to be fake, Sony has now announced the official lineup today on their PlayStation Blog. Included are a few older titles, along with some lesser-known games that may have slipped under some players’ radars.

First off, PlayStation Plus owners can look forward to the action-platformer Knack – a launch title for the console that came out in 2013. Rounding out the PS4 lineup is the adventure/puzzle game RiME, which released in May of last year and draws inspiration from The Legend Of Zelda games.

Spelunker HD and Mugen Souls Z will be available for PS3 users. Irem’s Spelunker HD is a remake of the classic Arcade/NES title of the same name, adding 100 all-new levels. The original game was the inspiration for the rogue-like platformer Spelunky. Compile Heart’s Mugen Souls Z is a JRPG that was released by NIS America in 2014 and was a sequel to Mugen Souls.

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Owners of Sony’s handheld, the Vita, can expect Exile’s End and Grand Kingdom. Magnetic Realms’ Exile’s End is a Metroid-vania style 2D sci-fi platformer that has players finding weapons and power-ups in an attempt to survive on a hostile planet after the main character’s ship crashes while on a rescue mission. Spike Chunsoft’s Grand Kingdom is a tactical RPG, which was released in 2014 for both the Vita and PS4. The title is cross-buy compatible, so fans will also be able to download the PS4 version as well.

Finally, the PlayStation VR game Starblood Arena will still be available as a bonus game for Playstation Plus members to download through March 6. A PlayStation Plus exclusive starter pack for free-to-play game Gems of War will also be available from February 13th until March 13th. It includes new troops for the game, along with 10 rare gem keys and 2500 souls, which can be used to level up your forces in the game.

While February’s lineup doesn’t have the AAA titles like January’s, which included Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Batman: The Telltale Series, it will allow players to get their hands on games they may have missed out on or that they may not have even heard of. For those who haven’t picked up the free games for January 2018, they won’t be available for much longer.

Playstation Plus‘ free games for February 2018 will be available for download starting next month.

Source: Playstation Blog