As an apology for the most recent PlayStation Network outage, Sony gives PlayStation Plus subscribers an extension of an extra day to be added to their accounts.

PlayStation Plus users should make sure to check their emails, because Sony ought to have left them a voucher code that will extend subscribers’ accounts by an additional day. The extension has been given to fans to make up for the PSN experiencing network issues across all platforms a couple of weeks ago.

For those unaware, on January 4, PlayStation Network went down for nearly a full day, leaving PS4, PS3, and PS Vita fans without access to account management, social features, as well as PlayStation Plus. Almost immediately after the incident occurred, Sony made sure to make amends with its fan base by pledging PS Plus subscription extensions for the outage, and now the tech firm has made good on its promise.

According to Sony, players will have until March 31 to redeem their codes, as they will expire following the aforementioned date. The company’s full response on the matter reads thusly in the official emails for the vouchers:

“Due to the recent PlayStation®Network interruption we are giving you a 1-DAY extension to your PlayStation®Plus membership. Please redeem the following voucher code by March 31, 2016, 11:59 PM PST.

The extension will be applied to the end of your current membership. This applies to all accounts that had an active PlayStation®Plus membership on January 4, 2016.

Thanks for your patience during the service interruption.”


With PlayStation Network having gone down for a little over half a day, Sony’s 24-hour extension of PS Plus for users who experienced the blackout more than makes up for the allotted amount of time actually lost during the episode. Even so, as most fans would argue, PSN outages have become far too commonplace, with Sony’s server failure at the beginning of the month surely being just the first of more to come this year.

After all, when the PSN servers collapsed from 2014’s Christmas attack by hackers, 2015 certainly went on to see its fair share of PlayStation Network breakdowns. For instance, one disturbance of the network happened in May of which the infamous group Lizard Squad touted as its doing, even though the actual cause was never confirmed. Then, not two months later, the service went down once more due to a strain on the system. That time, however, it was officially verified as a DDoS attack prior to the 4th of July weekend.

Considering all of the past instances of PSN going on the fritz, Sony has hopefully put firmer safeguards in place for its network to not only prevent further outages, but also to protect users’ personal information. A lot of sensitive data is stored on Sony’s servers, and it would be bad news for both the company and consumers for it to become compromised in any way. With any luck, though, the remainder of 2016 will be free from additional technical issues.

As previously mentioned, PlayStation Plus subscribers are now privy to an additional day for their accounts.

Source: IGN