Last Chance to Get PlayStation Plus for Less Than $50

PlayStation Plus 1-year membership will rise to $60 starting today, but as of writing prices are still $50 and under.

Starting September 22 your 1-year PlayStation Plus Membership grows in price to match Xbox Live. Indeed, the PlayStation Plus is getting a price hike to $59.99, but there is one last day to pick her up for the old $49.99 price tag. Even better there's one last hurrah for a deal under $50.

The holdout is eBay Powerseller Neogames via eBay Deals with a drop to $47.99. This discount may not match the kind of price breaks to $40 we grew accustomed to in early 2016, but it's the best price online from a trusted seller with free shipping in the continental US and no sales tax. In fact, they've sold over tens of thousands of these PS Plus cards in the past handful of years.

Update: eBay Deal's price of $47.99 mentioned above for the PlayStation Plus has now been increased to $51.99. The great news is Walmart is still selling PlayStation Plus 1-year digital code for $49.99 versus the increase price of $59.99. Jump in before Walmart updates their price accordingly. 

Other than the eBay offer, every other retailer is still $49.99 for the moment. Best Buy, GameStop, and the rest will turnover starting tomorrow. We do expect to see deals during the Holiday Season, but it's likely the best offers we'll come will simply be a temporary reduction in price from $60 down to $50 - which uh if you're paying attention, is the price of the PlayStation Plus we're seeing today.

How often do PlayStation Plus go on sale? From our observation in the past year, the 1-year membership usually gets a price cut in 2-3 month interval. The last time we saw a "real" significant discount was back in early August before the price hike announcement. And prior to this event, it was on sale around May 2016. So if you don't pick up some spare subscription, we're expecting the next round to show up during Black Friday or Cyber Monday later this year.

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